Scenes like that in the photograph below, suggesting a thrilling sea rescue, take place when visitors land on the jagged coast of Hamakua, Hawaii. There small boats bring passengers within range of a derrick-like landing gear that has been erected en a cliff. One by one, the passengers are hoisted ashore.


This looks really fun, but I think you might have a tough time getting insurance after the first few workers get crushed.

Workers in a San Francisco, Calif., garage, with a 1,000-car capacity, can deliver a customer’s automobile from the eighth floor to the sidewalk in forty seconds. This is made possible by a vertical escalator and a long ramp down which cars are driven. Each worker, going for a car, steps on a tiny platform attached to an endless belt and rides straight up. To descend, he steps on the other side of the escalator and rides down. Electrical motors keep the escalator running constantly.


This doesn’t sound like a very safe idea…


Tempting death daily is the lot of a few daring men in a London laboratory, where a steel-walled chamber containing an appreciable quantity of real poison gas is reported in use to test the air-purifying canisters of military gas masks. Masked experimenters sit outside the deadly chamber, and breathe through hoses that terminate in the canisters within. A white-coated physician stands near to render first aid, in case the poison-absorbing chemicals should fail to function. Only in this way can new types of equipment be tested.


Wow, that looks …um… positively terrifying!

Surgeons hail a new radio knife, devoid of wires, as an outstanding advance. Previous types have long employed high-frequency currents like those of radio, led through a dangling cord, to make clean, bloodless cuts in tissue. The latest apparatus dispenses with any electric connection and leaves the surgeon’s hands unencumbered in a delicate operation. An insulated electrode behind the patient’s back charges his skin, and the surgeon’s scalpel absorbs enough energy at the
point of contact to divide the tissues cleanly.

Human Guinea Pigs (Oct, 1937)

Human Guinea Pigs


DELIBERATELY exposing four human guinea pigs, as well as six rats and two monkeys, to heavy concentrations of natural gas for varying periods, Dr. D. R. Drury of the University of Southern California School of Medicine has determined in novel experiments that gas as it comes from the earth has little effect on the bodies of either humans or animals.

In the first test, six rats were kept in a cylindrical iron tank approximately two feet in diameter and three feet long, fitted at one end with a transparent cover. Gas taken from a domestic supply pipe, and air forced in by pump, were so mixed as to give a gas concentration of eight percent. The rats lived in this mixture for thirty-six days, ate well, and on being removed were clean and healthy. A litter of new-born rats born in the gas chamber were found alive.

Car Exercises Dogs (Sep, 1955)

This seems like a really good way to kill your dogs, not to mention just cruel. I don’t really know how fast dogs can run, but 35 mph seems a bit high, doesn’t it?

Car Exercises Dogs

With six racing dogs to keep in top shape, Dewey Blanton of Columbus, Ohio, has developed a “canine exerciser” that fastens to his station wagon. Blanton built a frame to support a long plank beside the vehicle. Springs fastened to the plank are attached to the dogs’ collars, permitting the dogs to run wide. Longer chains keep the dogs in check. The broad plank bumper prevents injury to the dogs as they race along at 35 miles per hour. Best of all, the dogs seem to love the exerciser.

Zipper Gas Mask Made for Babies (May, 1934)

Zipper Gas Mask Made for Babies
A SPECIAL handbag for carrying babies furnishes protection in case of a wartime gas attack. An oxygen tank begins to function as soon as the zipper cover is closed, supplying air to the baby.

Birth Control – A Two-Edged Sword? (Mar, 1922)

According to the author of this article the main issue surrounding birth control is how to get the “shiftless and stupid at the lower end of the scale of social worth” to use it, thus committing “class-suicide”. As well as convincing the “higher classes” to turn their women into baby factories.

Birth Control – A Two-Edged Sword?

It Is the Only Road to Race-Improvement, But—May It Mean Retrogression? — What Is Your Own Relation to It?

By Albert Edward Wiggam

PRESIDENT HARDING recently wrote, a letter which ought to have attracted international attention. The letter was addressed to a citizen of the United States, whose name would never otherwise have gotten before the public, congratulating him upon the fact that he had achieved a family of sixteen children. I naturally supposed upon reading President Harding’s laudatory comments that the parents of these children were persons of exceptional distinction in some field of science, commerce, art or public service, and that these fine talents would be inherited by the children to spread through the nation. What was my astonishment and disappointment, when I learned that this man’s services to human society were valued by his fellow men at twenty dollars a week!

Now some of the greatest men who ever lived had fathers who earned even less than twenty dollars a week. But Sir Francis Galton, the founder of Eugenics, Havelock Ellis and others, have found that, in the long run, at least one-half of all the great men of the world, who have made civilization what it is, were born from parents who had achieved great distinction and usually wealth, and that nearly all the other half sprang from parents of the abler and more well-to-do classes.

Safety Belt Makes Chair Safe Seat for Child (Apr, 1942)

Is this a safety device or an instrument of torture? It seems pretty cruel to strap the kid into a chair so that when his toy falls on the ground, which it undoubtedly will, it rests just out of reach. Also, I’m sure that if he tries hard enough the boy could find a way to strangle himself.

Safety Belt Makes Chair Safe Seat for Child

IF it weren’t for the safety belt holding him to the chair, Jimmie, here, would probably take a spill in his efforts to reach that toy horse. Then some one would have to pick him up and put him back. It could go on for hours. But all this can be eliminated by use of a recently patented safety strap which fits over his shoulders and around his waist like a double Sam Browne belt. The ends are securely attached to the chair legs. The strap allows him plenty of movement, yet prevents him from toppling.

Spring in City’s Park Spouts “Radium Water” (Jun, 1939)

Ah yes, the curative properties of radium.

Spring in City’s Park Spouts “Radium Water”
America’s third-biggest metropolis may possess a valuable radium mine. Its city fathers recently learned to their surprise that Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, contains the country’s most radioactive spring, when Dr. J. Lloyd Bohn, Temple University physicist, tested the water that gushes from it. What interests him about the spring is not the curative powers sometimes claimed for such waters, but the possibility that a rich natural deposit of radium may be found near-by.