The Truth About “Experimental Animals” (Feb, 1949)

I love this little diatribe against animal rights activists because it shows how little has changed in the last 50 odd years. If this guy is still alive I’ll bet he’s working for Fox News. He uses the exact same techniques they do. People who don’t strongly support vivisection “hate humans”, much like liberals “hate America”. He sets up straw men and creates fictional arguments to knock down, for example stating that anti-vivisectionists are against counting a cat’s heartbeats. Really? Because his title for them seems to imply that their primary objection is to cutting open and dissecting live animals.

The other truly modern part of this letter comes in the first to last paragraph. There the author explains that if you speak out against the animal-rights movement you will be tortured just like those people in the Nazi death camps. It looks like Godwin’s Law was alive and well long before the Internet. This article was written just 4 years after the holocaust and already liberals are Nazis.

The Truth About “Experimental Animals”

DO you like dogs? Then you should read the article, “Science Tries You Out On the Dog,” on page 151. Not only does it tell you some things about dogs nobody knew before; it will also give you an idea of what animal experimentation is all about.

You should know that your liking for dogs is lending silent support to an organized campaign against the use of experimental animals. Your sense of human decency is being used by a few willful people to threaten anyone who questions their motives. These people are crazy about dogs. Literally crazy in some extreme cases, where it isn’t that they love dogs—but that they hate humans.

Atomic-Pile Heat Warms Buildings (May, 1952)

Atomic-Pile Heat Warms Buildings
From an atomic “furnace” that will need “stoking” only once in 30 years, British engineers are taking heat to warm the radiators of 80 offices. The experimental atomic pile is located at Harwell, Britain’s atomic-research station. About 180,-000 cubic feet of air per minute are used in cooling the pile, and the engineers decided this hot air could be put to work heating near-by buildings. Now the high-temperature air is passed through heat exchangers which transmit the heat to water. The heat is transferred to a secondary circuit which passes through conventional radiators in the buildings.

Gnathograph (Jun, 1939)

Looks like fun, doesn’t it?

Device Takes Measure of the Teeth

WITH the aid of the “gnathograph,” an instrument as mouth-filling as its name, a dentist’s patients may now be assured of a perfect fit for artificial teeth. Fitted to the jaws as shown above, the new device registers the arrangement of the teeth and the direction of the “bite,” to guide the dentist in straightening teeth or fitting inlays, crowns, bridges, and plates. Its inventor, Dr. Beverly B. McCollum of Los Angeles, Calif., demonstrates in the picture at the right how the instrument is then mounted for use in tooling a plate to just the right shape to give the
most comfortable fit in the mouth.

Portable X-Ray Device Aids Express Clerks (Sep, 1938)

Wow. I hope these guys already have kids.

Portable X-Ray Device Aids Express Clerks
RATED at 58,000 volts and 10 milliamperes and operated by merely plugging in on any electric light circuit, a newly developed portable, shock-proof X-ray device enables express and postal clerks to speedily determine the contents of suspected packages without the need of breaking the seals. The device can also be used in industrial plants for the inspection of manufactured parts and is said to be satisfactory for medical use, providing clear radiographs of the human body. The photo at right shows the compact X-ray unit being used to examine the contents of a suspected express package.

Most Dangerous Job? (Bullet Proof Vest Tester) (Feb, 1949)

Most Dangerous Job?
“I’d rather be shot at than do the shooting/’ says Leo Krouse. 58-year-old New Yorker, who faces police firing squads to demonstrate a new 14-lb. bulletproof vest for the Spooner Armor Co. “The shooter’s really the one on the spot—not me. He has to make sure he hits the armor.” Slugs spot his vest above, but don’t even flick the ash off his stogie. He’s been stopping bullets for 30 years and never been nicked—yet. For other dangerous jobs, see the article Is Your Job Killing You?—page 68.

Filter Pipe Is Smoked Through a Cigarette (Nov, 1939)

This is brilliant marketing by the tobacco industry. Convince people that it is healthier to smoke their pipe tobacco through cigarette tobacco. There really should be some way to fit a cigar in here too.

Filter Pipe Is Smoked Through a Cigarette
More than eighty percent of the nicotine in tobacco smoke is said to be removed by a filter pipe recently announced. Smoke drawn from the pipe bowl to the mouthpiece passes through two halves of a cigarette, which act as filters to absorb most of the nicotine.

“Sugar-Coated” Electricity Builds Strength and Health (Mar, 1922)

Yum, sugar-coated electricity.

If you would like to learn more about these miraculous devices, this site has some good info. They also have some available for sale. Or just pick one up on ebay.

With health insurance rates going through the roof, can you really afford NOT to have your own Violet Ray machine?

“Sugar-Coated” Electricity Builds Strength and Health

Absolutely shockless and painless, overcomes nervousness, banishes aches and pains, renews the vigor of youth and builds healthy, well-developed bodies

Thousands of volts of stimulating, up-building, high frequency electricity—as painless and pleasant as a ray of sunshine—can be sprayed into any weak, diseased or under-developed part of your body. Instantly you will feel its healing, strengthening, tonic effect. You will feel the warm, fresh blood surge to the treated part, bringing with it the tissue-building and disease-fighting forces that Nature provides. Poisons and diseased tissues will be washed away, pains and inflammations relieved and the part treated will be nourished and strengthened. It literally helps Nature build new bodies.

Oil Well Fire Staged as Latest Crowd Thriller (Sep, 1934)

This would be a pretty amazing show. Though with today’s gas prices, it would be a very expensive one.

Oil Well Fire Staged as Latest Crowd Thriller

Setting an “oil well” on fire and then extinguishing the flames is the latest crowd thriller. An underground pipe line carrying twenty-five million feet of gas per hour is run from the gas main to an eighty-four-foot derrick. Most oil-well fires burn more gas than oil, so this set-up approximates a real oil well. A valve one-quarter of a mile from the derrick turns on the gas. The spectacle is staged at night, with only the faint outlines of the rig visible to the crowd some distance away. First a faint runner of flame is seen chasing around the top of the derrick, then there is a roar of gas, followed by a blinding flash as the oil well bursts into flame.

Would You join a Mob? (Sep, 1934)

Very odd article about group psychology and suggestibility and how they lead people to join lynch mobs. The author manages to completely ignore the fact that in the vast majority of cases lynching victims were black and the mobs were white. Additionally, the author constantly refers to the victims of mobs as “the killers” or “the slayers” even though most of them were grabbed out of holding cells before anything resembling a trial.

Would You join a Mob?

by Prescott Lecky

AT THE University of Iowa, a student recently hurst into a psychology classroom. Dramatically he gave details of a local kidnaping and cold-blooded murder. The criminal had been caught, had confessed, and a mob was forming near the county jail to lynch him. How many would go along and help the lynchers?

At the height of the excitement, 200 students answered the following questions: How many would participate with the mob? How many would go along as spectators? How many would stay away?


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