The Truth About Petting (Jan, 1937)

The Truth About Petting

By Lawrence Gould, Consulting Psychologist

Is Petting Right or Wrong? How Much, if Any, Seems Wholesome?

This Clarifies a Problem Perplexing Both Youngsters and Parents

MRS. HUNTER had appeared so radiantly happy the last few times I had met her that it was a shock to see her looking as she did that morning. I had known her slightly for several years as assistant to the manager of the building where I had my office, and had heard her story from the manager and some of the other tenants. Her husband had died ten years before, leaving her with an eight-year-old daughter and only a few hundred dollars of insurance. She had gone back to the work which she had done before her marriage, and by dint of industry, intelligence and self-denial had managed to make a comfortable home for Mary. The girl was in every way a credit to her, gay and carefree, but devoted to her mother, and both faithful and successful in her studies.

Sterility is Now Being Overcome (Jan, 1937)

Sterility is Now Being Overcome

There is new solace for empty arms as science helps the limping stork

By Lorine Pruette, Ph.D

DYNASTIES have been changed and the course of history affected by the failure of particular unions to be fruitful. Catherine the Great took a lover because of the necessity to provide the throne with an heir and introduced entirely new strains into the royal family of Russia. Henry the Eighth of England made his numerous excursions into matrimony, in part at least, out of the desire for a male heir. As a by-product of his excursions we have the break with the Catholic Church, the establishment of the Church of England and vast changes in England’s internal affairs and in her relations with the continental countries.

Henry’s children mounted the throne in succession, but all three died without heirs. Had his daughter Mary borne a child to her husband, Philip of Spain, much history might have had to be rewritten and certainly England would have been returned for a time to the bosom of the Mother Church.

Can Sex in Humans Be Changed? (Jan, 1937)

Can Sex in Humans Be Changed?

By Donald Furthman Wickets

ALL the old landmarks are going, nothing is static, everything flows. Old dreams and old nightmares become realities. Life is created in the laboratory. Sex is no longer immutable. Recently the astonishing news made the rounds that science had actually succeeded in changing the gender of two female athletes. The miracle was accomplished by surgery and duly acknowledged by law.

Mary Weston, who held (and still holds) the shotput record for women in Great Britain, is Case No. One. In 1926 Mary won the British javelin championship of her sex. “She” also, at one time or another, represented her country’s womanhood at the Olympic Games. Today, Mary Weston, now known as Mark Weston, is a young man legally and is happily married to a normal young woman. Dr. L. R. Broster, a London surgeon, certifies: “that Mark Weston, who has always been brought up as a female, is a male and should continue to live as such.” Discussing his athletic records before his transformation, Weston insists that he believed at the time that he was a woman.


This is one of those things were technology has really helped. Before DNA tests the only things they had to go on were blood tests and lie detectors.


by H. W. Secor

Among the most difficult types of disputes handled by courts of law are those seeking to determine the real father of a child.

IN 1945, a California jury decided that Charles Chaplin was the father of Carol Ann, daughter of Joan Barry. The jury’s decision cost the famous comedian over $100,000 for attorney’s fees and a sizable sum each month for the support of the girl until she reached the age of 21.

“The irony of it all,” says genetics counselor Sheldon C. Reed, “is that Chaplin is not her father. … By the laws of heredity he is excluded as a possible father.”

This trial was one of the most famous of the cases known as “disputed paternity cases.” They are among the most difficult types of disputes which are handled by our courts of law.



DR. KIRKENDALL is Professor of Family Life Education at Oregon

State College. Author of “Sex Education as Human Relations” and many other writings, he is recognized as one of the outstanding authorities in the field of sex education.

This article is the first in a series which Dr. Kirkendall will write from time to time on sex worries and concerns of adolescent boys. The information was obtained through a combination research – counseling procedure which Dr. Kirkendall has used for a number of years. He developed a check list of worries and concerns which he has since given to hundreds of individual boys whom he has met in high school and college classes. After each boy has marked the check list, Dr. Kirkendall has discussed the indicated worries or concerns with the boy. Thus the information and illustrations in the article come from dealing at firsthand with the problems of adolescent boys. Dr. Kirkendall received financial support for his study from the E. C. Brown Trust.
—The Editors



the key to a mutually happy marriage



By Dr. A. Willy, Dr. L. Vander, Dr. O. Fisher and other authorities

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By Lionel Calhoun Moise

Fast-Growing Debasement of Our Youngsters, Making Them Wantons and Killers

SHAME and death are the evil blossoms of a sinister growth that threatens to ruin the health and minds of thousands of America’s youth. Striking in the darkness, this stealthy public enemy can be fought only by the clear daylight of publicity. Only in this way can we secure the drastic legislation to cope with a new and deadly menace. But just what is this gloomy monster of destruction?

Consternation swept an exclusive Eastern finishing school recently when one of its popular girl students suddenly killed herself. The school authorities hushed up the scandal with a story of accident, then launched an investigation to determine the cause of the tragedy.



Is it possible to combine desire for variety in sexual relations with the maintenance of a stable, happy marriage?

by Edward Dengrove, M.D.

FROM time to time one reads in the newspapers reports of cases such as that of the Percy Radfords and the George Hauses, of St. Louis, Missouri. These two couples, after a friendship of four months, decided they’d be happier married to each other’s partners. At the time the swap was made, one couple had been wed for some seventeen years, and the other for almost five.

Accomplished as it was, through divorce and remarriage, this trade of spouses had legal sanction, as well as the attention of the press. But there is a lot more such swapping than the newspapers ever discover, because most of it exists on a sporadic basis and does not end in divorce and the remarriage of the alternate couples.


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You may think you know why you like certain women—but you’ll be surprised at what psychologists say about your real motives

By Norman Carlisle

WHY did you marry your wife? If you’re not married, why will you marry? Chances are that whichever of these questions fits your marital state, the answers you give will be wrong. Psychologists probing the reasons why people pick the mates they do emerge with the conclusion that men really don’t know why, for better or worse, they abandon bachelorhood.

Love and sexual attraction—the reasons usually given—are not, to psychologists anyway, reason enough. What are the real subconscious drives that propel one person into the arms of another?

Dr. R. F. Winch, of Northwestern University, has worked out the theory that you really marry on the basis of psychological need.

“In mate selection,” he claims, “each individual seeks within his or her field of eligibles for that person who gives the greatest promise of providing him or her with maximum need gratification.”