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The Cult of VIRILITY (Oct, 1964)

The Cult of VIRILITY

A discussion of the fears and worries that lie behind the tough bravado of would-be he-men.

by Richard Stiller, M. A.

Quite recently an acquaintance of mine was congratulated on the birth of his first child. One of the well-wishers—a long-married but childless man who was well-known for his athletic vigor and his very aggressive personality—said: “Well, at least nobody can question your virility.”

Obviously this outwardly masculine man had some private doubts about his public image as a 100 per cent male figure.

BUT IS IT PROPER? (May, 1963)

“but if you’re a smart shemale you’ll concentrate on your partner.”

This word, I do no think it means what you think it means.


GUYS AND GALS will always have gripes about each other, still the delicate art of dating survives. Singer Mike Clifford and dancer Ginny Shepard agreed to help illustrate some of the more common gripes, ones with which they’re familiar. Ginny is 19, a ballet student since she was five, a native of Connecticut who shares a Manhattan apartment with another dancer and dreams of doing her first Broadway show. Mike’s 19, a native of Los Angeles; he’s 5’11” tall, has light brown hair and hazel eyes, is a bug on cars (drives a yellow Lark convertible) and records for Columbia.

THE LANGUAGE OF THE Homosexual (Oct, 1965)

It’s interesting that he defines “Coming out” as essentially discovering that one is gay instead of becoming public about it. I guess that this makes sense since being publicly gay in the 60’s wasn’t really an option.


Homosexual slang, says this expert, is becoming an important part of our language and literature.

by Donald Webster Cory

America is a mixture of many types of speech reflecting the cultures and backgrounds of its teeming millions. One type that is widely used, though not given recognition, serves a very important function in the lives of many people. This is the language of the homosexual.

There are 2 ways in which homosexual slang is used. The first is when it is employed by the outsider or “straight” individual to describe or refer to homosexuals ar.d their activities. In this way the slang mirrors society’s disapproval and permits a person to talk of homosexuals without incurring any guilt by association.

Is Wife Swapping Risky (Oct, 1964)

Is Wife Swapping Risky

A distinguished psychiatrist replies to a reader who suggests wife-swapping as a means of increasing married happiness.

By Walter R. Stokes, M.D., LL.B.

In your March 1963 issue, under the title “Question of the Month,” you published a letter from one of your readers in which he confessed his desire that he and his wife hare extramarital sexual relations by mutual consent. Your reply was very interesting.

But, maybe due to a lack of experience on your part with situations like this, the sexual aspect was not discussed clearly enough. In my opinion many others have the same desires as your letter writer.



The Beatles and their admirers have aroused widespread interest and attention. Fifty million dollars worth of goods bear their name as this article is written. These include wild Beatle wigs, Beatle sweaters, Beatle shirts, Beatle hats, Beatle buttons, etc., etc.

To most adults, the ear-piercing sounds, the jungle screams, and the strange body movements of teen-age Beatle fans are the hardest part of the Beatle-mania burden.

The Future: Electronic Mating (Feb, 1964)

There’s a good reason the Hugo awards are given for writing Science Fiction and not Romance.

The Future: Electronic Mating

A look into the more rational marriage choice of the future, by a science expert on things-to-come.

By Hugo Gernsback

Marriage still remains man’s greatest gamble. The world’s divorce rate constantly accelerates at a dizzying rate. Clearly there is something seriously wrong with our customs and our approach to marriage—it cries out for radical reform.

People rarely speculate why so many of our most dazzling “sexy” beauties of screen and theater shed husbands like a pair of gloves, and why other famous and exquisitely beautiful women, with the most alluring anatomies, never marry at all.

Your Sex Questions Answered (Jan, 1959)

I have a feeling that in the 1950s Sexology was one of the few places people could get reasonable, non-judgmental, fact-based help about sexual issues.

Your Sex Questions Answered

The purpose of the QUESTION AND ANSWER DEPARTMENT is strictly educational. All answers are made by a medical authority and are based on recorded experiences of similar cases.

What College Students Should Learn About Sex (Dec, 1967)

What College Students Should Learn About Sex

A leading sex educator attacks the hypocrisy that keeps college students ignorant


The college student of today is the intellectual leadership of the future. He will become the professional person of tomorrow: the teacher, physician, counselor, nurse, lawyer or minister to whom our society will turn for guidance. Only when viewed in the light of his enormous social significance in the future can the importance of his sex education, if any, be properly weighed.

Do Nymphomaniacs Really Exist? (Jan, 1972)

Do Nymphomaniacs Really Exist?

Widespread confusion about oversexed women still remains


To the average layman, the nymphomaniac is a creature out of erotic dreams—sexy, passionate, wanting nothing but his love, and willing to do anything to please him.

Many sexologists hold a different view. They do not consider the nymphomaniac a sexy woman at all. To them, she is a confused, deeply neurotic person who will make life unbearable for any man involved with her. She is incapable of achieving sexual satisfaction herself and equally incapable of satisfying a man.