a radically new SEX LAW (Jan, 1964)

This was a remarkably progressive law for 1961. Texas enforced it’s anti-sodomy laws up until 2003 when a 6-3 decision of the supreme court ruled them unconstitutional.

a radically new SEX LAW

Private sex acts of any nature between consenting adults, says Illinois. are no longer illegal. By Donald Webster Cory and John P. LeRoy

Mr. Cory is the well-known author of “The Homosexual in America” and editor of “Homosexuality: A Cross-Cultural Approach.”
Mr. LeRoy is a free-lance writer.

The laws under which American men and women are regulated in their sexual behavior and are punished for sexual transgressions are written in the 50 different state penal codes of the United States and are interpreted in the courts of 50 states.

ILLEGAL ABORTION … disease of society (Jan, 1959)

I’m always surprised at the quality and impartiality of Sexology’s articles. This article discusses a lot of the consequences of abortion being illegal that are just as applicable today. It’s interesting to note that nowhere in this article does does it mention the “right to life” or abortion being murder, the focal points of today’s anti-abortion movement. One issue I did have is that the author seems to assume that all illegal abortions are done by doctors as opposed to hacks and back alley shysters. Obviously this makes a big difference in the quality of care and chance of complications.

ILLEGAL ABORTION … disease of society

An international conference tackles an explosive problem involving more than 1 million women each year.

by Isadore Rubin, B.A., M.S. in Ed.

ILLEGAL abortion in the United States is a “disease of society” affecting possibly as many as 1,200,000 women a year. It presents a problem “as real and urgent as did venereal disease three decades ago.”

These major conclusions were offered by thirty-eight of the nation’s foremost experts after an international conference on abortion, sponsored by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The conference report has been published recently in book form.

Vampires are sick, psychiatrists assert (Feb, 1965)

So if you have a blood fetish it means you’re gay? I would think it means you just get turned on by blood. A little unsafe and outside the norm perhaps, but certainly no stranger than being turned on by tentacle porn.

Vampires are sick, psychiatrists assert

Human vampires do exist, according to two Denver psychiatrists, Drs. Richard L. Vanden Bergh and John F. Kelly. Rather than being “the undead,” the vampires are mentally ill. In the Archives of General Psychiatry, the two psychiatrists reported rare cases in which vampirism, or sucking another person’s blood, was part of a pattern of homosexual behavior.



by Amram Scheinfeld
Condensed from a chapter of the book, The Human Heredity Handbook

Personality refers to all of a human individual’s behavior traits, plus all the other special qualities of mind, body, sex, and social adjustment that distinguish him as a particular person.

Second, personality refers to qualities developed by one person in relation to other persons. Strictly speaking, then, only human beings can be considered as having “personalities.” Although we might like to think that cats, dogs and other animals also have “personalities,” scientists prefer to speak of their traits as “behavior patterns.”

Who and What Is the Modern Girl (Nov, 1934)

Remember girls, follow all the tips in this article or you will end up like Bonnie. And really, who wants to be an immortal legend?

Who and What Is the Modern Girl

A Clear-Thinking Person with the Courage To Be Different and the Cleverness to Avoid Extremes

By Carol Cameron, Director, Department of Beauty Hygiene

THE history of the world proves that every age has had its modern young woman who has “given the current commentators and moralists sufficient reason to lift their eyebrows. As far back as the days of Ancient Greece, Aristotle, the philosopher who thought little of women in general though he chose to marry a second time, had quite a bit to say about the bold young daughters of Athens. Yesterday we were aroused by the scant dress and impertinent manners of the “flapper,” a type which has long since grown up and settled down into that complacent and highly respectable status known as the young matron. The flapper of today is in the minority. Pertness is no longer cute nor is it regarded as especially complimentary to be slapped on one’s back and labeled a “good egg.”

The “Female Penis” (Jan, 1964)

I have heard of women having their clitoris removed, but it is usually referred to as “genital mutilation” and is imposed upon women against their will. Do women still have their clitoris voluntarily removed because they think it is “unsightly”? Would a doctor actually perform that surgery?

“Female Penis”
A distinguished researcher explains the role and function of the clitoris.

By John Money, Ph.D.

Dr. Money is Associate Professor of Medical Psychology and Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University and Hospital. He is supported in research by Grants #M-01557 and #K3-MH-18635 from the National Institute of Mental Health, United States Public Health Seervice.

Do you have your own name for the clitoris? Most people have.

The clitoris has sometimes been referred to as the “female penis.” It is one part of the sexual anatomy for which there is no well-known American popular or slang word. Not enough people have heard the expression, “the man in the boat,” for that expression to be useful when a doctor wants to explain what he means by the medical word, clitoris.

Kinsey’s Study of Female Sex Behavior (Sep, 1953)

I love the phrase “petted to climax”. “Yeah, Sally and I went behind old Mr. Millers barn and we… well.. we petted to climax. It was hot!”

This is a pretty fair and thorough review of the Kinsey Study published just before the actual book became available.

A Social Scientist’s Evaluation of Kinsey’s Study of Female Sex Behavior

Amram Scheinfeld takes issue with the startling conclusions in the most widely heralded sex study of modern times

Well. the Kinsey report on female sex life—the most feverishly awaited, most wildly speculated on, most sensationally publicized book in history—is open for inspection at long last. And we can all breathe easier.

True, it makes many interesting disclosures—and some disturbing and surprising ones—about the girls and women interviewed by the Kinsey team. Also, it boldly attacks many of our existing sex standards with blistering arguments plainly slanted against chastity and in favor of what used to be called free love. But for the most part, it is a technical treatise offering little that is startlingly new and much that is doubtful. It definitely does not measure up to the expectations of a shattering blast that was to upset all our sex thinking and change the whole pattern of our lives.

The Bust – How it May Be Developed (Mar, 1922)

Your Figure Has Charm Only as You Are Fully Developed

BEAUTY OF FORM can be cultivated just the same as flowers are made to blossom with proper care. Woman, by nature refined and delicate, craves the natural beauty of her sex. How wonderful to be a perfect woman.

Bust Pads and Ruffles never look natural or feel right. They are really harmful and retard development. You should add to your physical beauty by enlarging your bust-form to its natural size. This is easy to accomplish with the NATIONAL, a new scientific appliance that brings delightful results.

The Meaning of Orgasm (Jan, 1964)

The Meaning of Orgasm

A mechanical concentration on the production of a climax, says a leading marriage expert, can destroy the beauty of marital love. By Eustace Chesser, M.D.

Dr. Chesser, a consulting psychologist, is one of England’s leading sexologists and a founder of the Society for Sex Education and Guidance. He is the author of many books, among them “Woman and Love,” “Love Without Fear,” and “The Sexual, Marital and Family Relationships of the English Woman.”

Why do I never experience orgasm?” an anxious wife asked after two years of marriage. That same question had been asked a hundred times over. Before attempting a reply another question should be put: “Do you enjoy intercourse?”

If Your Views on Sex are OLD FASHIONED Read these Modern Books (Feb, 1937)

If Your Views on Sex are OLD FASHIONED Read these Modern Books

Man’s Sex Life
At last the truth is written. The great mysteries of sexology torn aside. And now you can get the real truth about the sex question.

This is an age of plain thinking and frank speech. No longer can a big, vital problem like the sex question be hidden as a thing to be ashamed of. People are demanding the truth about these things.

And so Bernarr Macfadden has lifted the veil. He has told the truth about mankind’s most vital problem in a frank, straight-from-the-shoulder style that will appeal to every man who reads his remarkable book.