Sign of the Times
Housekeeping on a Gigantic Scale (Dec, 1924)

All of the pictures in this article are great, but I particularly like the fact that they gave music classes to pages so that their voices were pleasing to guests.

Housekeeping on a Gigantic Scale

Factory Methods of Standardized Production Applied Even to Serving of Your Meals by Modern Hotels

TO the manager upstairs in his private office, the kitchen of a great hotel is simply a factory where perhaps 10,000 products are made to order in the space of two hours and delivered within fifteen minutes. Quantity production and standardization of service have made housekeeping possible on a wholesale scale. If each individual waiter and bus boy were permitted to perform his tasks in what he believed the best way there would be such a scurrying and running about that hopeless disorder would result. Therefore the great restaurants and hotels have established a system to control every move.

Sorting Trays Return Homeless Milk Bottles to Owners (Oct, 1931)

Sorting Trays Return Homeless Milk Bottles to Owners

THERE are all kinds of detectives in the world, but the most novel to enter the field of crime is the “milk bottle detective,” whose job it is to round up all the lost, strayed or stolen bottles and return them to their rightful owner.

These detectives visit the various dairies and check up on the number of bottles returned by mistake and send’ in a report to the exchange men, who in turn collect the bottles, take them to the exchange plant where they are washed and sorted. They then notify the rightful owner, who pays two cents in place of the usual five cents, which is the cost of a new bottle. This system is estimated to have saved Los Angeles milk dealers about $1500 a day.

World’s Strangest Circus PRODUCED BY AMATEURS (Nov, 1934)

This is pretty awesome. In the 30’s the citizens of Gainesville Texas decided to put on an all volunteer community circus. Hundreds of average citizens spent all year training for various very elaborate and skillful acts. It looks like it was amazing. According to this site, the circus had it’s ups and downs and but lasted in one form or another until 1958.

World’s Strangest Circus PRODUCED BY AMATEURS

By A. Morton Smith

LEARNING to turn somersaults from the back of a cantering horse, to hang by one’s teeth high in the air, or to run and dance on a tight wire after the manner of circus performers, is not necessarily limited to those who have spent their lives under the big tops, or those possessed of physical development and endurance particularly fitting them to excel in this field. That the many and varied arts of the circus may be mastered by any normal person who has the will to engage in extensive practice, has been conclusively demonstrated by a unique organization in the little city of Gainesville, Texas.



WHAT we want,” the public-utilities official stated, “is an auxiliary engine that will help our construction trucks and trailers climb up into the mountains. The loaded vehicles weigh 33 tons and right now we grind along at six miles per hour. We want to get up those grades at 45 miles per hour.”

The Aerojet engineer thumbed his slide rule for a moment and grinned.

“We have just the thing,” he commented. “Five hundred horsepower in a package 18 inches square. How’s that? Turn the auxiliary power on at the foot of the grade and cruise along as fast as you want. Only trouble is, you can’t afford it. At $2.50 per gallon, fuel will cost about $1200 per trip.”

Recruitment Ad for Libyan Al-Fatah University of Nuclear Engineering (May, 1980)

Somehow I don’t see this ad being run today.

Al-Fatah University Faculty of Nuclear and Electronic Engineering
Tripoli, Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Faculty Positions Open

Medium of Education is English. Duties involve teaching undergraduate courses as well as assisting in planning of new laboratories and research projects in this recently established faculty.

Mountains of Brick and Glass (Sep, 1929)

The Merchandise Mart building is still there, huge as ever. Check out these shots from Google and Microsoft.

Mountains of Brick and Glass

Twice as large as any building now standing, designed to cover two city blocks and to contain 4,000,000 square feet of floor space—such are the dimensions of Chicago’s new Merchandise Mart. New York, also, is erecting two new giant skyscrapers.

THE world’s largest building, the Merchandise Mart, under construction in Chicago, is a project which staggers the imagination. It is actually double the size of any building now standing. It will contain 4,000,000 square feet of space, twice that of any other. It will occupy two entire city blocks and will be 18 stories high overall, with a six story tower additional, making it 24 stories at the top.

Postage Stamps as Propaganda (Oct, 1938)

Postage Stamps as Propaganda


THERE is no doubt that today postage stamps are being used for propaganda purposes. Because they serve governments in this way, new stamps are constantly being issued. Each year many new issues appear, and a vast majority of them suggest or preach, some political ideal.

Balloon Tired Wagons Stop the Clatter of Milk Delivery (Aug, 1932)

This would be great. My milk man always wakes me up at five in the morning.

Balloon Tired Wagons Stop the Clatter of Milk Delivery

“NOISELESS milk” is now to be had in Boston. This does not mean that the milk makes no noise, but that no racket is created in the delivery of the liquid in the early hours of the morning.

What makes possible the soundless delivery are the new rubber tires with which Boston dairy concerns are equipping their specially-built wagons, one of which is shown in the photo at the left.

No clatter whatever is thus heard in the morning, when Bostonians are trying to grab their extra wink of sleep before rising time. The wagons weigh something like 200 lbs. less than regular wagons, and the tires are 550-200 balloons, carrying about 50 lbs. pressure. Horses wear rubber foot pads, which complete the muffling job.

A quick picture of the American way (Sep, 1958)

Boy, time has a funny way of changing how we perceive things. Nowadays this could be an ad for Greenpeace or the Sierra Club. You look at it and just cringe. Well, I do. I’m sure many members of the current administration would look at this ad with a teary eye for the lost days when the U.S. was the utterly dominant industrial power in the world and the rest of the countries on earth either provided customers or raw materials.

A quick picture of the American way—
with only 5.5% of the world’s land area the U. S. is served by 46.3% of the world’s trucks

ATA Foundation Inc.

American Trucking Industry

The “Female Penis” (Jan, 1964)

I have heard of women having their clitoris removed, but it is usually referred to as “genital mutilation” and is imposed upon women against their will. Do women still have their clitoris voluntarily removed because they think it is “unsightly”? Would a doctor actually perform that surgery?

“Female Penis”
A distinguished researcher explains the role and function of the clitoris.

By John Money, Ph.D.

Dr. Money is Associate Professor of Medical Psychology and Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University and Hospital. He is supported in research by Grants #M-01557 and #K3-MH-18635 from the National Institute of Mental Health, United States Public Health Seervice.

Do you have your own name for the clitoris? Most people have.

The clitoris has sometimes been referred to as the “female penis.” It is one part of the sexual anatomy for which there is no well-known American popular or slang word. Not enough people have heard the expression, “the man in the boat,” for that expression to be useful when a doctor wants to explain what he means by the medical word, clitoris.