Sign of the Times
Bad Liquor Causes Liver Disease (Jul, 1932)

Bad Liquor Causes Liver Disease

A DANGEROUS liver disease accompanied by the deposit of iron compounds in the skin is believed to be caused by drinking liquor containing copper from the stills used by incompetent distillers.

Physicians have long recognized a condition called hemochromatosis in which the cells of the liver are killed or damaged; resulting, among other things, in the partial destruction of the red corpuscles. The red iron compound of these corpuscles is then changed chemically into other compounds which may be deposited in the skin, turning it bronze in color.

How to Marry and Not Make a Mistake (Sep, 1930)

How to Marry and Not Make a Mistake

How to Select the Right Mate —– Marriage Is Not the Lottery We Once Thought It Was

By David Arnold Balch

THERE is a story told that Auguste Comte, the great French positive philosopher, took down the volumes of his work from the library shelves that held them and rewrote, on two different occasions, his changed and changing views of love. The first had been recorded in his young manhood; the second, in the middle distance of his life; and the third, in his old age, when he had learned all that it was probable he would learn about woman and her relationship to man.

It’s the Law! (Dec, 1936)

Two things:
a) I’m not sure they could have come up with a more offensive picture to represent the cook in the last panel.
b) Dick Hyman. Really?

It’s the Law!

BY Dick hyman

In Collingswood, N. J., dogs are forbidden by ordinance to bark between the hours of 8 PM. and 6 A.M.

An ordinance in Mt. Pulaski, Ill., forbids boys to throw snowballs at trees within the city limits.

It is against the law in Maryland to knock a freight train off the track.

Florida has a law forbidding you to hire away your neighbor’s cook

IT’S THE LAW appears each month in The American Magazine

Go South, Young Man (Aug, 1954)

Go South, Young Man

Amazonia, a land of fabulous unclaimed wealth, beckons now to men of vision.

By Lester David

THIS is the story of the richest treasure trove in the world today and of frontiersmen who are tapping bonanzas from a land of incredible opportunity. It is the story of a territory that has a welcome sign up for venturesome pioneers, backed by a promise of untold wealth. It is, in short, the story of the mammoth Amazon River basin in South America, by far the greatest storehouse of unworked natu- ral resources on the face of the globe.

Her Brains Didn’t Get in Her Way (Mar, 1953)

Her Brains Didn’t Get in Her Way

First her I.Q., then her beauty, brought fame and fortune to Vanessa Brown. Now, in Broadway’s funniest hit, she demonstrates that nothing succeeds like sex BY HYMAN GOLDBERG

When a movie called “I’ve Always Loved You” opened several years ago, a young critic named Smylla Brind declared in the student newspaper of the University of California at Los Angeles that Vanessa Brown, the feminine lead, made the picture seem much better than it was. Miss Brown would bear watching, the young critic wrote, for she was certain to make her mark as a serious actress.

Women and Nerves (Nov, 1934)

Women and Nerves

Why Women Are More Subject to Nervous Troubles and What They Can and Should Do About It

By Sir W. Arbuthnot Lane, m.d.
Bart., C.B., M.S., F.R.C.S. President of the New Health Society, London, England

IT IS a matter of common observation that women are greater sufferers from “nerves” than men. This was recognized in the classical days of Greek medicine when the ancient physicians described hysteria as a purely feminine illness, believing it was due to the erratic wanderings of the womb. Today, we know that this organ is relatively fixed but we realize that those early doctors were not so far out in their theory of causes and that much of the nerve trouble of women is centered round their sex life. The old saying that “because of her womb, a woman is what she is” contains a large measure of truth.


An engaged couple candidly discusses the age-old problem of PREMARITAL RELATIONS



He: To present my side of the argument it is necessary to start at the beginning. I first met Alice when her date at a party got drunk and I volunteered to drive her home. I didn’t see her again until I was invited to a party given by one of her friends—an invite I suspect was extended to me at Alice’s request. We had a few dates and I was always a gentleman—in fact the first time we kissed was on my birthday.

Earn Good Wages in New Gold Rush (Jul, 1931)

Earn Good Wages in New Gold Rush

by John Edwin Hogg

THERE’S a new gold rush on—one in which you can participate as well as the reasoned prospector, with the reasonable assurance of panning out a fair day’s wages, and with the ever-present possibility of striking a nugget which may vary anywhere from $50 to $5,000 in value. Hundreds of men, thrown out of work by the business depression, are today panning out gold in the thousands of places where it is known to exist in small quantities.

PEACE – OR ELSE! (Feb, 1946)

What’s up with the flying girder on the second page? Is Superman trying to save New York?


HUMANITY is faced with the greatest decision it has ever had to make. The atomic bomb, in three gigantic, flashes, has transformed our planet into a world which has only one choice left. Earth has become a world of Either/Or.

Either—we are firmly determined that there shall be no war, and spend as much energy, thought and money on the problem of preventing it as we now spend in preparing for it. In that case—and if we succeed—the future promises a period of incredible achievements, of unlimited progress, of infinite riches of knowledge and material riches, of immediate preliminaries to humanity’s spread through the solar system as a first step to a spread through the galaxy.

Little Oddities of Life (Jun, 1917)

In case you’re wondering. The “H. C. OF L.” referred to in the blurb under the pictures of the goats stands for High Cost of Living. Apparently this was a common enough term that people could just use the abbreviation. Perhaps it’s time to bring it back.

Little Oddities of Life

Lanky Bob Fitzsimmons Dons the Gloves Again

Not against Jess Willard, however. This time Bob has tackled even a sturdier and more wiry foe—His Satanic Majesty. Mr. Fitzsimmons has announced his intention of starting a career as an evangelist.


Here are “Bill”. “Hill”, “Will”, ‘Phil”, and John Smythe of Oklahoma. John has his back turned, but you may take our word for the fact that his face matches . What is your explanation of this extraordinary photograph?