Science Builds Greatest Telescope (Sep, 1938)

Science Builds Greatest Telescope

Monster 200-inch “eye” will reveal hitherto unknown secrets of the universe and enrich man’s knowledge of life on earth.

by John Edwin Hogg

Nine years ago Palomar Mountain was a little-known mass of rock and earth in San Diego county, California. Being only 6,129 feet high, it is a mere foothill without even the distinction of altitude in a state where scores of perpetually snow-clad peaks rise to perpendicular heights of nearly three miles. A few Californians knew it as a good place to go deer hunting. Others, well-versed in state lore, had heard of it as the home of Nigger Nate, a fugitive slave who for many years lived the life of a recluse far up on Palomar’s forested slopes.

When Suns Explode (Aug, 1946)

“Certain astronomers have suggested that the whole phenomenon of novae is due to collapse of the star, and that the energy released in the explosion was produced by compression within. They argue that the nova is a stage in the star’s evolution, the outburst marking one last splurge before it settles down to enjoy a lengthy old age.

The second outburst of T Coronae, however, clearly proves that the collapse theory is wrong.”

It is true that the nova on T Coronae Borealis which is a recurrent nova was not due to gravitational collapse of the star. However the other supernova they talk about, “Tycho’s Star“, is actually a type Ia supernova and was caused by the collapse of a white dwarf.

When Suns Explode

Ours seems sturdy, but bursting stars reveal illness of others.


Professor of Astrophysics, Harvard University AN EXPLODING star is not news. Dozens of stars blow up each year, increasing: their brilliance 10,000 times or more. Most of them, however, are extremely faint before the outburst, and even at peak brightness are not visible to the naked eye. Really bright objects are rare. But when a star bursts twice in a century-that is astronomical news! It gives us significant scientific information about such stars.


I’m pretty sure this is how E.T. got called to earth in the first place.


A new invention for amateur astronomers is said to make self-instruction in the secrets of the skies easy and absorbing. It is a homemade planetarium, which reproduces in miniature the dome of the heavens, showing the planets and constellations mapped out in their proper positions.

The unique contrivance was constructed by a New York City inventor from simple frame parts of metal and wood, while an old umbrella hood served for a dome. It rests on wheels so that it can be moved about without difficulty.

What the New Domestic COMMUNICATIONS SATELLITES Will Do for You (Jun, 1973)

I love it when writers with expertise in one area just throw in huge advances in other technologies as a possible result of another. Eg: What does a 3-D virtual conference room have to do with satellites? Would it not work with wires?

What the New Domestic COMMUNICATIONS SATELLITES Will Do for You

Canada’s pioneering Aniks, and U.S. successors, are introducing the revolutionary innovation of overland telephone-and-TV relays in the sky. They promise bargain rates for long-distance phone calls, picture phones that everyone can afford—and better television programs, by way of novel kinds of TV networks

PS Consulting Editor, Space

On Jan. 11, 1973, Rudy Pudluk, community manager of Resolute on a Canadian island above the Arctic Circle, made a long-distance phone call to Ottawa. The English-speaking Eskimo chatted with Gerard Pelletier, Minister of Communications, and with David Golden, president of Telesat Canada, whose system carried his voice across the frozen North.

Are the Russians Beating Us Into Space? (Jun, 1956)

Are the Russians Beating Us Into Space?

By G. Harry Stine
Viking-Aerobee Operations Engineer
White Sands Proving Ground

CLOSE on the heels of the White House announcement concerning the United States’ unmanned satellite project, the Russians came out with the announcement that they would also put an “automatic cosmic laboratory” into orbit around the earth.

The date given by the White House for the launching of the first American satellite was 1957. The Russians say they will have one up in 1956!

Invest in the Dynamic Cape Canaveral Area (Nov, 1961)


First Time Offered Nationally! Choice Property – In An Established Community – in the Nation’s Fastest Growing County

“Cape Canaveral Selected As Site for ‘Moon Launchings'”! This exciting news, coupled with the Government’s multi-billion dollar, long-term program for Space Research and Development, can only mean progress and growth for this area. And, this future of Industrial Expansion and population growth opens up a rare investment opportunity for those people wise enough to buy the right land, in the right place, at the right price.

Rockets and Their Hazard (Jan, 1934)

Rockets and Their Hazards

IT is now about a thousand years since the first Chinese rocket engineer tied one of his new go-devils to an arrow and took a shot at the invading Tartars. Perhaps the millennial celebration of that invention will include a shot with a much larger rocket at the moon. However, the present-day rocket experimenters are plugging away steadily, improving details in their equipment, and thinking in terms of thousands of feet of ascent; while the fiction writers glibly describe steering a rocket craft through asteroids and meteor showers, like a taxi through traffic.

The World’s Safest Business (Feb, 1957)

The World’s Safest Business

By G. Harry Stine
Viking-Aerobee Operations Engineer White Sands Proving Ground

AMATEUR rocketry is on the upswing in the United States. Many boys are building rockets today who would have been plane model fans a generation back. By rough count, there are approximately 100 amateur rocket societies in the U. S.—and no one knows how many young men building rockets.

KENNEDY ANTENNAS… Probe the secrets of inter-stellar space (Sep, 1956)

KENNEDY ANTENNAS… Probe the secrets of inter-stellar space

Somewhere in the nearly empty reaches of outer space, two hydrogen atoms collide. After a 100-million year journey at the speed of light, the signal generated by that accidental collision reaches a super-sensitive radio telescope antenna in Massachusetts and is recorded — and so one grain more is added to man’s knowledge of the universe.

How the World will End (Jul, 1929)

How the World will End

Scientists who have been tracing the history of the moon declare that the reign of fire and brimstone which will herald the end of the earth will in all probability be brought about by the moon’s falling back upon the earth. The diagrams herewith illustrate the process which astronomers believe will destroy the world after thousands of years.