Japanese Rollerblades in 1938 (Jul, 1936)

Skates for Rough Surfaces Are Built Like Army Tank
Constructed with several sets of wheels along the lines of an army tank, skates introduced recently in Japan may be used on unusually rough surfaces. The multiple wheel skate tends to level out the rough spots. Braces attached to the leg help to hold the skates on the feet.

Japanese Water Skis Are Speedy (Nov, 1934)

Well, they certainly look speedy…look at him go!

Japanese Water Skis Are Speedy
COMMONLY associated with northern climes, skiing has invaded the Orient with the successful introduction of water skis. The skis are tip-tilted pontoons propelled by the common gliding stroke and aided by special ski poles. Recent tests of the skis in Yokohama harbor developed a speed of 200 yards per minute.

Catapult Hurls Man into Lake (Nov, 1939)

Catapult Hurls Man into Lake
Flying through the air with the greatest of ease is no trick at all to Walter Bura, of West Orange, N. J., who designed the man-throwing catapult shown installed on the boardwalk of Lake Mohawk, Sparta, N. J. Modeled after ancient Roman military types, Bura’s catapult has an open steel framework, arranged with a steep take-off ramp on one side. Airplane shock cords fastened at the base run up over pulleys and are stretched taut to a sled at the bottom of the take-off ramp. Placing a loose board under him, Bura lies flat on the sled and is hurtled up the incline and out over the water when a trigger mechanism is released. The board protects his body from chafing as he flies off the sled when the latter comes to a sudden stop at the top of the incline.


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Don’t Walk… “Aero-Hop” (Mar, 1948)

Don’t Walk… “Aero-Hop”
For Fun! For Health! For Skill!
Hollywood’s Newest, Fun & Sport Sensation!
The Jumpingest, Bouncingest, Flyingest Little Machine since the Aero-Plane. Different from any other Jumping Stick. Really has performance: Broad Jump up to 11 feet .. . High Jump over 3 feet, Aero-Hop Rope, etc., etc.

Camouflaged Bat Bewilders the Pitcher, But Gets Banned (Jul, 1932)

Camouflaged Bat Bewilders the Pitcher, But Gets Banned

THERE’S an old saying about necessity, being the mother of invention. “Goose” Goslin, outfielder for the St. Louis Browns, was having a hard time hitting that old “apple” during the spring training so he adopted a black and white striped bat, shown at the right, and proceeded to pound his way out of the slump.

This was the first time in baseball history that a camouflaged bat was used. It was designed by Willis Johnson, club secretary, who planned to equip other players with bats decorated with cross-rings, blocks and triangles until the “higher ups” declared the use of the bat illegal.

Golf Game Is Right Up Bowlers Alley (Apr, 1939)

Golf Game Is Right Up Bowlers Alley
Features of both bowling and golf are combined in a novel indoor game recently introduced in Boston, Mass. Using a regulation golf club, a player hits a golf ball down a small-size bowling alley in an attempt to knock over diminutive pins. Three shots are allowed at each set-up of the pins. In the photograph at the left, a feminine enthusiast is shown about to send her second shot down the alley in an effort to hit the pins.

It’s Fun to Play This Indoor Football Game (Feb, 1941)

It’s Fun to Play This Indoor Football Game

Played by two to six persons, this game provides endless fun for members of your family or your party guests. The object of the game is to drive a table-tennis ball into one of the two goal baskets at opposite ends of the box. This is done by hitting the ball with wooden paddles attached to dowel rods, which are turned and pushed back and forth by hand. There are eight rods; the two center ones have four paddles each, the next two toward each goal have three each, while the next pair have two paddles each and the last two next to the goals have only one paddle each.

Electric Pin Boys Never Go Home (Mar, 1946)

Electric Pin Boys Never Go Home

A MAN who wouldn’t give up after everyone else had failed has produced what bowlers the world over have wanted ever since the game was invented a machine that will “spot” tenpins on the alley.

Salmon Become Prey of Archers (Sep, 1935)

Salmon Become Prey of Archers

BOW and arrow salmon fishing is a sport rapidly coming into its own in Calfornia. Salmon headed upstream travel fast but close to the surface, and an alert bowman has plenty of opportunity to exercise his skill. Steel barbed arrows attached to fishing lines are used, and the fish is played by hand.