AN odd game played with potatoes by horseback riders is a feature of the “Rodeo”, a gathering of cowboys in the Southwest. The potato race is played in this way: each one of two teams consists of four horseback riders, each man carrying a long stick with lance-like points.

New Water Sports (Aug, 1938)

New Water Sports

NO ONE in your beach party will be bored for want of something to do if you have several of these fun-making gadgets at hand. For example, there’s, racing with the circular craft shown above, called a “Coracle” after ancient European fishing boats. This tricky craft will provide no end of sport because of the difficulty in making it follow a straight course.



MISS GLADYS INGLE, stunt flyer, believes in proof. That’s why she had her picture taken with this 212-pound black bass which she caught off the coast at Hermosa Beach, California.

The giant fish was brought to submission only after a struggle lasting an hour and a half. Miss Ingle hooked tlie fish with light tackle, a fact which made the landing extremely difficult. The hook from which it is suspended in the picture is merely for the purpose of the photograph.

Pedestrians Lose Last Refuge (Aug, 1930)

Yup. Nailed it. (video link)

Pedestrians Lose Last Refuge

Our artist’s idea of what may happen if they start playing golf by auto.

CURTIS W. WILLOCK. of Pasadena, is inordinately fond of golf. He may never be a champion but he certainly has contributed in a large measure, to the modernization of the ancient and honorable sport. Ordered by his physician to avoid fatigue caused by the long walk around the links. Mr. Willock had a special electric car built which permits him to enjoy the game.

New Style “Traveling Grandstand” Seats for Crew Races (Aug, 1930)

New Style “Traveling Grandstand” Seats for Crew Races

DUE to the unusually large crowd which reserved “grandstand seats” for the Harvard-Yale crew races this summer, the New Haven railroad was compelled to exert its ingenuity to devise a “traveling grandstand” which would provide 800 extra seats. Four tiers of benches with backs were built into circus seat sections on the ground. These sections were mounted onto 36 steel gondola cars which were provided with awnings supported by frames of steel tubing.

Starting with the two-mile freshman contest, the sightseeing train follows the various races from start to finish; the varsity race over a four-mile course being the climax of the day.

IT’S NEW! (May, 1956)

Wow, Ken Garritt must have some pretty strong wrists to hold up a 160 pound bike that way. Maybe one of the dynamos powers an anti-grav unit.


SNAZZY RUNABOUT, by sports car designer Brooks Stevens, mounts a 30-hp Evinrude Lark motor, has bucket seats and costs a mere $11,000.

FISSION FASHION. Suit designed to protect wearer from atomic fallout gets a big yak in Chicago. Fifteen-oz. silk garment is meant to be earned as emergency armor.

HOME-BUILT BIKE owned by Briton Ken Garritt weighs 160 lbs., has 24 gear ratios, three dynamos that power 17 lamps, lour direction finders and real cool twin horns.

Automatic Pinspotter (Jun, 1946)

If you’re looking for a more thorough explanation of how a pinsetter works, this Pop Sci article from the same year is handy.

Automatic Pinspotter invented by Fred J. Schmidt, of Pearl River, N.Y., is shown here with its inventor. The machine employs mechanical, electrical and suction methods in its operation. It performs all phases of pit work, including setting pins, sweeping “deadwood” off the alley and returning the ball to the bowler. After the first ball is delivered the machine picks up the pins left standing, “sweeps” the alley and then returns the previously standing pins to their exact positions for the second ball. The photo at the left shows the intricate mechanism of the machine.

Captain Marvel Troops for America! (Dec, 1941)

Apparently the only thing it takes to turn characterless, shiftless hillbillies into go-getting super soldiers is a proper diet and Jai Alai. Jai Alai, as any Mad Men viewer will tell you, is the sport of the future(video).

Captain Marvel Troops for America!

“Super Shock Troops” For The Army Will Soon Be In Action! Vitamins Are The Magic That Produce Them!

by W. M. Kimball

THE gray-clad ship moved into the quiet evening shadows of the secluded cove near Willapa Bay.

Three boats dropped from the davits. In each of them 20 men sat straight, alert on the thwarts. Purring motors beached the boats silently. The shadows were blackening, but the 60 men leaped ashore sure-footedly, their cat-eyes piercing the gloom. They were assured men—tall, lean, brown, certain of every movement.

An observer might have whistled in awe to look at them—and with good reason. For these were the United States Army’s “super-shock troops” going into action! The Captain Marvels of America!

“Aprons” Take Shock From Grid Scrimmage (Dec, 1941)

“Aprons” Take Shock From Grid Scrimmage

ANOTHER step away from – the fierce clash of football as it was played in the days of the “flying wedge” is the “scrimmage apron,” invented this fall for use by the elite of present-day college grid stars. In the photo at the right, the Columbia University Lions are shown wearing the new padding device, with Horace Potter shown tackling Paul Governali, the ball carrier. The protectors are designed to be worn only in practice sessions. Their purpose is to eliminate the danger of injury.




LITTLE four-year-old girl surprised everybody the other day by writing quite plainly on a piece of paper, “Six bars of window soap”. The little girl is left-handed. She could not read what she had written. On investigation it was found that she had received no instruction in writing but had watched her mother writing these particular words on an order blank a few days previously. She had reproduced the picture from memory.

The little girl will go to school next year and her teachers will probably wish to break her of what they deem the bad habit of left-handedness.