Sportsman’s Headnet Has Window (Apr, 1931)

Sportsman’s Headnet Has Window
FOR use by fishermen when harassed by black flies, gnats and mosquitoes, a head net now on the market has a non-breakable, non-combustible window for providing a clear view. The net is attached to a folding steel frame and will fit any hat.

Midget Skis Set On Rollers (Sep, 1938)

At first glance, I wasn’t sure if the word “midget” applied to the skis or the skier.

Midget Skis Set On Rollers
COMBINING the best features of skiing and roller skating, a new sport of “ski-skooting” has developed through the adaptation of midget skis on rollers. Two rubber-tipped poles are used to propel the skier along the pavement. The midget skis are fastened to the user’s feet by means of stout straps.

they call it “SKISH” (Jul, 1956)

they call it “SKISH”

Life’s more fun if you go fishing— and fishing’s more fun if you’ve taken this popular college course.

Photographed for MI by George Barris

SKISH is a fairly new word combining “skill” and “fishing.” Down at Florida Southern College in Lakeland they teach a course called Skish And Outdoor Life. Coach Jim Lease, an expert in precision casting, fly-tying, plug-making, tackle repair and hooking them, gives his boys and girls a thorough grounding in the sport of presidents. Not to mention a whale of a time out fishing.

Gridiron Safety Gadgets (Nov, 1955)

Gridiron Safety Gadgets

New armor, new training techniques and devices keep a Long Island high school team at full fighting strength.

Plastic face guard, rubber pad minimize injuries to nose, eyes, teeth.

Glen Cove, N. Y., high school players demonstrate stages in buildup of body protection.

SURE – Pro Wrestling is Honest! (Mar, 1950)

SURE – Pro Wrestling is Honest!

It’s as honest as any other legitimate show on Broadway— and what’s more, doesn’t claim to be anything else! But it’s still killing the reputation of amateur wrestling.

By Clive Howard

A GROUP of prominent amateur wrestlers was trying to place wrestling on the sports program of New York City high schools. Arrangements were made for the members to be heard by a special committee of educators and the prospects looked good.

But when the final meeting came about and the topic was broached, the head of the school committee threw up his hands in horror. “Wrestling? Never!” he exclaimed. “We’ve seen that on television!”

A Dome Grows in Brooklyn (Jul, 1956)

Or they could just move to California. It’s a pity. It wold have been nice to have a Buckminster Fuller designed stadium in Brooklyn.

A Dome Grows in Brooklyn

The Dodgers’ home games may soon be played under this huge plastic bubble.

By Frank Tinsley

Mechanix Illustrated takes pride in being the first to show what the Brooklyn Dodgers’ new baseball park may look like—if the 20th century’s most daring architect gets his plan accepted. Buckminster Fuller has already earned the gratitude of the armed forces and the taxpaying public with his plastic igloos that can be helicopter-toted from air base to air base to serve as hangars, barracks, warehouses, administration buildings.

Sailing with Skates is Great Winter Sport (Feb, 1930)

I’m pretty sure that this is the first time I’ve seen “F’rinstance” used in print.

Sailing with Skates is Great Winter Sport

For real thrills there’s no sport like skate sailing, says Mr. Brown—and he goes ahead and proves it in this article. Moreover, he gives you plans for building your own sail and full directions on how to operate it when it’s finished.


HERE he comes—there he goes!

Just like that! Like saying “Jack Robinson!”

And thrills. . . Man!

Maybe you’ve felt the smooth gliding swiftness of skating. And the flying sensation of skiing. And the speed of ice yachting. And the fun of tobogganing. But if you’ve left out skate sailing, then you’ve missed the grandest sport ever dished out by Old Man Winter.

On April 9, Houston plays the world’s first air conditioned baseball game (Apr, 1965)

On April 9, Houston plays the world’s first air conditioned baseball game

How do you cool a ballpark and 46,000 red-hot fans? Houston does it by putting a clear-span dome on their new Harris County Stadium and applying the efficient energies of modern cooling systems. Friday, April 9, the Houston Astros inaugurate the new indoor field with an historic exhibition game against the New York Yankees.

Stockings Protect Golf Clubs (Mar, 1932)

Stockings Protect Golf Clubs

A DISABLED ex-service man at the Soldiers and Sailors Home in Eastbourne, England, has created the latest in head coverings for golf clubs. They are knitted woolen stockings, with the customary tassel and are especially serviceable for warding off rust attacks. The covers are made by veterans of the home.

Paper Houses for Olympic Contestants (Oct, 1931)

Paper Houses for Olympic Contestants

MORE than 3,000 young men athletes, representing over fifty nations at the Tenth Olympiad, at Los Angeles, in 1932, will be housed in two room structures built of paper composition on wooden frames. A minimum of 800 of these unusual houses is now being erected to form “Olympic Village,” which will be the home of the contestants while they are attending the ancient games.