Golf is Now Played Like Roulette (Sep, 1931)

Golf is Now Played Like Roulette

A SCRAMBLING of the ancient Scotch game of golf and the somewhat less Scotch game of roulette has resulted in the creation which beats all for novelty—golf played on a roulette wheel. In the center of a circular pit a gaming wheel, marked like the table variety, spins merrily, while the golfer attempts to knock a golf ball into the winning compartments.

Chicago Football Star Wears Glasses in Helmet (Jan, 1929)

Chicago Football Star Wears Glasses in Helmet

WHEN BENNY WATTENBERG, star half back of the University of Chicago football squad, discovered that he was hampered in executing forward passes because of near-sightedness, the coaches decided that Wattenberg was too good a man to lose and they devised a method of fastening special shatter-proof lenses to his football gear.

Walking on Wheels is the Latest European Sport (Jan, 1929)

Walking on Wheels is the Latest European Sport

THE newest aid to the pedestrian is the “paticycle,” invented by a Frenchman as an easy and inexpensive means of getting from here to there. The device consists of wheels attached to the walker’s feet and legs by means of braces. It is operated by swinging the legs forward as if walking on the ground, but the feet never touch the road. A staff is carried in each hand to steady the walker and help him steer a straight course.

A paticycle race was recently run from Versailles to Paris. Charles Samuel, the winner, is shown crossing the finishing line.

Science Sets Pace for 1932 Olympic Games (Jun, 1931)

Science Sets Pace for 1932 Olympic Games

Athletic sports are no longer merely a purely physical matter, for science and inventive ingenuity each year bring forth new equipment which enables the trained athlete to clip seconds or add inches to the world’s records in all events, until now it is a rare athletic meet when one or more records fail to fall.


Secretary of American Olympic Committee – As told to ALFRED ALBELLI

WILL sport records ever stop falling? When will human speed, endurance, prowess and ingenuity reach the saturation point in athletic events?



THERE is a knack to keeping one’s balance on a single-runner coaster which you may acquire quickly, or may not. The coaster requires a l-by-4 board 6 feet long for the runner and brace.

The runner must have a slight curve to its bow, as indicated in Fig. 1. To warp the wood, steam it or soak it in hot water, then place the bow end in a vise, and block up the other end until a curve a trifle greater than that shown is obtained.

New Sun Glasses for Outfielders (Jul, 1932)

New Sun Glasses for Outfielders

HERE is what the up and coming outfielders are going to wear this season. These trick sun glasses fasten on the visor of the cap so that the player can follow the ball’s flight even when looking into the sun. There’ll be no pop flies falling safe in the sun “gardens” when these glasses are used. They are fastened on with small screws.

Blimp Tows Aquaplane to Give Latest Aquatic Thrill (Jul, 1931) (Jul, 1931)

Blimp Tows Aquaplane to Give Latest Aquatic Thrill
HITCH hiking behind the Goodyear blimp Volunteer is the latest form of water sport for thrill seekers on the California bathing beaches. One of the most ardent devotees of the sport is Elmer Peck, of Long Beach, holder of the world’s record for endurance on an aquaplane. He is shown in the accompanying photo stunting on an aquaplane in tow of the Volunteer which is flying low over the water at a clip of 60 miles per hour. Stunting like this demands the utmost in nerve and skill.

Bike Pedal Light Warns Motorists (Jan, 1935)

It’ll never catch on.

Bike Pedal Light Warns Motorists

COLORED reflectors designed for mounting on bicycle pedals were recently introduced in England as part of a “safety first for cyclists” movement.

The colored glass crystals, being continually in motion as the cyclist pedals along, glow brilliantly when in headlight beams of approaching cars.

HOW TO BOWL (Feb, 1940)


by Joe Falcaro

I HAVE, through personal instruction, made thousands of good bowlers from beginners. Too, I have made hundreds of excellent bowlers, men who average around 200, from good bowlers.

Any bowling secrets I have been able to reveal to these bowlers you will find on these pages. I urge that you read this article several times, slowly and carefully, so that no point is missed. Study it as you might study a lesson in school. Memorize it, if necessary, but be sure you under-stand and apply every point in practice.

Moto Polo – Mayhem on Wheels (Mar, 1951)

Moto Polo – Mayhem on Wheels

Combine football, soccer and polo with a dash of Sunday driving and you’ve got the West Coast’s newest sport fad.

By Louis Hochman

“PLAY Ball!” yells the ump and six peculiar cars tear into each other trying to bounce a giant six-foot rubber ball into a goal. They collide, turn over, bounce high into the air, roll end over end, spin on their noses, land on top of other cars, fall to the ground and then get right back into the game and start all over again!