As a solution to the automobile parking problem, an Ohio inventor offers a circular steel garage “tower,” consisting of a number of revolving stories arranged one above the other and each affording space for several cars, which are to be raised to position by an outside elevator. He estimates that a structure of this type with twenty floors, thirty-six feet in diameter, would hold two hundred automobiles and might provide additional facilities for radio stations, an observation or amusement center, or possibly a landing place for aircraft or an anchor post for dirigibles.

New Auto Developments (Jun, 1935)

New Auto Developments

Top-Drive Wheels
A NEW type of drive for vehicles is announced by a western company, which obtains a lower suspension for the body (12″ above ground) by applying the electric motor’s pinion to the top of the wheel, inside the rim. Each wheel is sprung and geared independently; but the electric system equalizes their motion, without using the brakes, while on a descent. An eight-wheel design is planned for maximum safety.

Ferris Wheel Auto Parking (Jan, 1932)

Ferris Wheel Auto Parking

PARKING is the great problem of modern American life, at least in cities and wherever there are great numbers of people. The very term, derived from military language (the “park of artillery”) has come to have a thousand applications. At the present time, a considerable number of potential car owners are deterred from purchase by the apparently unanswerable problem of parking their machines when at work or shopping, etc.

Device Makes Automobile Exhaust Gases Harmless (Nov, 1938)

If only modern exhaust pipes looked like this… Pimped out cars could have spinning ones that look like Gatling guns or the pipes could all move in and out in a pattern.

Device Makes Automobile Exhaust Gases Harmless
EASILY attached to the exhaust of an automobile, a patented exhaust oxidizing receiver device (above) is said to cause a dissolution of the carbon monoxide gases, reducing them to an absolute minimum so that they are harmless to human beings. During tests of the device, a live animal was subjected to the exhaust fumes of a running auto equipped with the receiver for a period of 60 minutes and blood tests of the animal failed to reveal any ill effects. It is believed that use of the device would eliminate the numerous cases of headaches, illness and deaths which are attributed to breathing carbon monoxide while motoring in heavy traffic or when warming up an auto engine in a closed garage.

Car Exhaust Operates Upholstery Cleaner (Mar, 1932)

Car Exhaust Operates Upholstery Cleaner

BY THE use of a new auto upholstery cleaner the inside of your auto can be] kept as spick and span as your living room. This new invention known as the “Motor-Vac” cleaner resembles the standard household implement, having similar hose and nozzle, but power is taken from the motor exhaust.

No bag is used, the debris being discharged from the engine exhaust, which also creates the suction to draw the dirt out of the fabric.

Scottish Engineer Builds Auto That Speeds Over Lake at 7 m.p.h. Clip (Aug, 1931)

It looks like it’s under the water, not floating on it.

Scottish Engineer Builds Auto That Speeds Over Lake at 7 m.p.h. Clip
A COMBINATION motor boat and automobile, capable of a speed of 40 miles per hour on land and 7 miles per hour in the water, has been invented by a well known Scottish engineer after a long period of experimentation to produce a practical and serviceable vehicle.

New Accessories that Add Pleasure to Motoring (Apr, 1923)

New Accessories that Add Pleasure to Motoring

This four-in-one wrench can be adjusted to fit any standard rim bolt.

The two gaskets required in the ordinary spark plug are eliminated in a two-piece plug, shown at left, the porcelain insulator and upper part of shell being in one.

A new ventilator for Fords (above, at right) does away with direct draft on face and head, protects coilbox, and can be locked in any position.

Novel Camping Trailer Opens Into Comfortable Quarters (Dec, 1929)

Novel Camping Trailer Opens Into Comfortable Quarters
A NOVEL camping trailer has been produced in London which is hailed with delight by lovers of the outdoors because of the comfort it provides. The trailer, compact when closed, is attached to the rear of the automobile by a device which makes it ride easily with a minimum of side sway. But when camp is made the sides of the trailer let down to increase the available space and a door at the end provides access to the interior where there is ample headroom.

Spiral Ramp Approach for River Bridge at New Orleans (Jun, 1930)

Spiral Ramp Approach for River Bridge at New Orleans

THE War Department has approved plans for the construction of a $12,000,000 vehicular toll bridge over the mighty Mississippi River at New Orleans. Actual construction will start this summer and the engineers estimate that two years will be required to complete the project. The Hero-Hackett Bridge, as it is called, will be the only bridge of its type in the world and while the roadway will be 120 feet above the level of the flat New Orleans streets, no long inclined approaches will be required to reach the bridge.

A Whole Mess of Stuff I Couldn’t Easily Separate (Dec, 1929)

Graphic Section

All the characteristics of a mammoth ocean liner are reproduced in the “Columbus,” the miniature ship shown above. It is 25 feet long and was constructed by a German engineer at a cost of #4000. Top photo shows the model coming into dock under its own power after a practice spin; below it appears a close-up of the ship. It is driven by an electric motor.

Neil Hamilton, movie actor, demonstrates a revolving camera for taking “dizzy” shots in which rooms and people tumble all over the screen.

Novel Automobile Is Driven By a Single Wheel at Rear.