Bank Gives Drive-In Service (Sep, 1938)

Bank Gives Drive-In Service
TO ANSWER the convenience needs of automobile patrons of the Security-First National Bank of Los Angeles, a drive-in branch has been built. At this bank, the patron drives his car into a special driveway along which special windows are available where he may transact his business. After the transaction is completed, the patron drives out through a special exit.

Dashboard Rack Holds Road Map (Nov, 1950)

It’s just like GPS, except you have no idea where on the map you actually are.

Dashboard Rack Holds Road Map

Mounted on the dashboard, a plastic-covered map holder provides the driver with a ready reference while driving over strange roads. Two concealed bulbs in the top of the device illuminate the map without glare. The light cord plugs into any cigarette-lighter socket. A sliding plastic legs, mounted on a swivel so it can be used by either the driver or passenger, enlarges any portion of the map, providing a large, clear view of the details. The mounting arms hook into the defroster openings at the base of the windshield.

Triple Lens Windshield Camera Spots Traffic Violations (Dec, 1936)

Triple Lens Windshield Camera Spots Traffic Violations
MOUNTED on the windshield, a new triple lens camera, operated without diverting the driver’s eyes from the road, records three distinct views of traffic violations encountered while driving. The camera also records the time and date when used and the film shifts automatically for the next picture.

One of the views taken by the camera is a large

Revolutionary Self-driven TRAILER HOME (Sep, 1938)

Revolutionary Self-driven TRAILER HOME

by Frederick C. Russell

Automotive prophets forecast a new type of home – on – wheels for the modern outdoor enthusiast.

WHAT is the house trailer doing to the automobile? How is the automobile to look after it has been revamped by this new and increasingly popular vehicle of personal transportation? Will the motor car combine with the trailer to create a “touring and living car”—a car that we might call the “Trailmobile” or some other appropriate name?

Midget Cars with Motors in the Wheels (May, 1931)

Midget Cars with Motors in the Wheels

Noted German Airplane Designer

The man who kept the Allies jumping during the World War to keep up with his advances in airplane design, now threatens to revolutionize the world’s automotive industry with midget cars powered by motors which require no cooling and mounted directly to the wheels.

WHY should the automobile you drive to work in the morning weigh a ton or more, be pushed along by cumbersome shafts and gearing, be powered with a heat engine which actually wastes more than half of the heat, or consumes more than twice the fuel it should, be equipped with four expensive tires and wheels when three would do, and require ten to fifteen feet of valuable curb space to park?

Garage folds against side of wall (Oct, 1962)

Garage folds against side of wall

A new awning garage bolts to an outside wall, folds flat when not in use, and pulls down to enclose a car. Its pivoted tubular ribs are spring-balanced for easy raising and lowering. British Carquad is made in seven lengths from 9 to 18 feet, can be attached to an existing garage for a second car or to house a small boat.


YOU’LL HAVE PLENTY TO SHOW OFF in the high-spirited performance of your NEW CHEVROLET. With its radical new Turbo-Thrust V8* and new action in all engines, it’s so quick, agile and eager that once you take the wheel, you’ll never want to leave it. You’ve got your hands on something really special!

Handsome Traffic Tower for Fifth Avenue Unveiled (Apr, 1923)

Handsome Traffic Tower for Fifth Avenue Unveiled

IN ORDER that New York City’s traffic towers may be artistically attractive, the Fifth Avenue Association has presented to the city seven artistic bronze towers, to be erected along the famous avenue.

The first of these, recently unveiled at Forty-Second Street, contains a bronze bell weighing 350 pounds that tolls out the hours to the hurrying crowds below.

All towers along the avenue operate simultaneously, permitting traffic to cross the street for two minutes, then allowing a five-minute interval for travel along the avenue. Colored lights in the top of the tower indicate to drivers and pedestrians the direction of travel at any instant.

Engineering Features of 1937 Auto Marvels (Dec, 1936)

Engineering Features of 1937 Auto Marvels


AUTOMOBILES for 1937 attain new levels of safety, comfort and flexibility. Some models are little changed in outward appearance but all boast internal improvements of interest to the motorist. Many refinements hitherto found only in machines of high price are available for the first time in makes of the lowest cost.

Tiny Steam Car Goes 10 m. p. h. (Feb, 1930)

Why, you might almost call it an Oldsmobile.

Tiny Steam Car Goes 10 m. p. h.
BILLY OLDS, Jr., two and one-half years, is the proud possessor of this steam car which he can drive at a speed of 10 m.p.h.