Electric Tractors (Sep, 1936)

The key to a good electric tractor is to sup-supply the current.

Electric Tractors

THE Soviet Union increasingly widens the application of electric power to agriculture. The large network of electric power stations has made it possible to use electricity in running tractors, and other agricultural machines.

The photo shows an electric caterpillar tractor. Above the tractor cabin is mounted a drum for the cable that sup-supplies the current.

Air-powered Tricycle (Oct, 1937)

Air-powered Tricycle

UP IN Fairbanks, Alaska, a youth who likes to tinker has converted a discarded airplane dolly, an old bicycle wheel, and wrecked airplane parts, into an air-powered tricycle which attains a speed of 15 m.p.h.

A Mobile Home — The Latest Innovation (Oct, 1937)

A Mobile Home — The Latest Innovation

HIS home on wheels, mounted upon a 1-1/2-ton truck chassis, is the newest thing in the motor world.

This type of unit provides ample room within for complete equipment but is much more easily handled and parked than the regular trailers, inasmuch as it is unified.

Delivery Cars That Advertise (Feb, 1930)

Delivery Cars That Advertise

SOME unique delivery trucks and wagons are used by Los Angeles merchants, and one of the most odd is the car shown below.

Faster Service (Jan, 1946)

I just like the word “Shellubrication”

Faster Service is the idea behind this new streamlined service station, designed by Shell after surveying dealers and the public. The pump is scaled down to 54″ high, about two feet lower than the usual pump, so as not to obstruct customers’ view of display room. Sales recording device is at driver’s eye level. Hose is 18 feet long. Service room is designed for complete lubrication job by operator without his taking more than 6 steps from the car.

Accounting Offices Drive Right Up to Your Door (Jul, 1940)

Accounting Offices Drive Right Up to Your Door

Bookkeeping on wheels is the odd and profitable business that makes a good living for C. M. Harris, of Los Angeles, Calif. Harris owns a fleet of light trucks, each manned by an expert accountant and outfitted as a rolling office with a typewriter, calculator, bookkeeping machine, and other necessary office equipment.

‘Dust Bowl’ Truck Has Air-Conditioned Cab (Dec, 1936)

‘Dust Bowl’ Truck Has Air-Conditioned Cab

Not only the drivers but the Diesel engine itself breathes conditioned air in a truck built for travel through the “dust bowl” of Kansas and Colorado. Since comfort for the drivers during stifling dust storms was essential, a mechanical air conditioner was installed in the cab.

The Lowdown On 1942 Cars (Dec, 1941)

They sure liked the suffix -matic at the time. Liquamatic, Hydra-Matic, Turbo-matic, Electromatic, Simplimatic, and Vacamatic all appear in just this article.

The Lowdown On 1942 Cars

Exactly What Have War Conditions And Shortages Done To Your 1942 Car? Here’s Detroit’s Answer To The Challenge.

by Frederick C. Russell

CALL them the 1942 cars if you like, but the glittering dreams that are rolling off the Detroit assembly lines along with tanks, bomber engines and the exciting implements of this bewildering era are, in reality, the latest models of American ingenuity.


Bullet bouncers are now in use on cars of the San Francisco, Calif., police department to protect members of radio patrol crews from the gunfire of thugs. The contrivances are sheets of quarter-inch-thick steel plate, equipped with shuttered windows and hinged to the top of the windshield frame.

Toilet Kit for the Automobile (Aug, 1935)

Toilet Kit for the Automobile

Here is a toilet kit which you can build for your car, at a total expenditure of about $5.00. It will be found ideal for long: trips and also when it becomes necessary to change a tire on the road.