Ash Receiver on Gear Shift Lever (Dec, 1929)

Ash Receiver on Gear Shift Lever

AN ASH receiver at the driver’s finger tips has been invented by an automotive manufacturer to be attached to the gear shift lever, replacing the gear shift ball. The receiver is made of heavy brass and nickel and enameled in assorted colors. The novelty is constructed to withstand hard usage, be useful, and add a colorful touch to the car equipment.

Airplane and Automobile in One (Dec, 1930)

Airplane and Automobile in One
THERE is no telling what aviation may come to. In the future we may see such contraptions as shown above flying about.

NOW SEE THIS! (Nov, 1959)


ROLL this strikingly unusual Swiss-made jeweled-lever wristwatch on any standard scale map and you can measure the distance in miles or kilometers. As you roll the watch along the map’s highway, the mileage is recorded and seen through an aperture on the face of the dial. The watch is designed for the world traveler, sportsmen or even for the week-end driver who likes to keep track of the distance he travels. Bauble is scheduled for export to the United States sometime within the next year.

Handy Portable Auto Bath House (Sep, 1931)

Handy Portable Auto Bath House

MOTORISTS driving out to the beach for a plunge need not worry in the least about bath house facilities, for a portable dress tent which can be erected alongside an auto in a jiffy has recently been put on the market. Designed especially for use with closed cars, the tent consists of only three parts—the canvas cover, the frame, and the bracket which attaches to the car to serve as a center pole.

A special arrangement of the frame assures complete privacy and when out of use the tent can be folded up and locked in car.

Hand Signal Light for Motorists (Sep, 1931)

Hand Signal Light for Motorists

EVERY year a large number of auto accidents occur because drivers fail to notice signals. A simple device, the hand signal light, recently invented, helps to make driving safer, especially at night.

If the driver ahead wishes to make a left-hand turn, the driver behind will be able to see the signal. As soon as the hand is extended, lights from the car in the rear strike the red glass, which makes the signal clearly visible. The signal light is worn like a wrist watch, as shown at right.

Preview of The 1957 National Automobile Show (Dec, 1956)

Preview of The 1957 National Automobile Show

A million visitors are expected to attend this $10,000,000 exhibition of new cars and trucks.

By Roger Gregg

FOR THE first time in 16 years the motor car industry is getting together to stage an exhibition of its new models. This 42d edition of the famed National Automobile Show will be held December 8-16 in New York’s brand-new showplace, the Coliseum.



IF you can’t find a parking space big enough for your automobile, turn the car up endways! This is the solution of the parking problem devised by the group of collegians shown in the picture.

PLAYING the World’s Most Dangerous Game (Sep, 1931)

PLAYING the World’s Most Dangerous Game


(Builder of cars for dirt track racing) It is danger in sport that fascinates both spectator and participant, which is the main reason why dirt track racing is gaining in popularity every year. In this article a man who has devoted his life to the development of this thrilling sport gives you some real inside information on the men and cars that burn up the ovals at the state and county fairs about this time of the year.

Safety Tail Light Shows Direction Motorist Intends to Turn (Aug, 1931)

Safety Tail Light Shows Direction Motorist Intends to Turn
THE frequency of motor accidents may be lessened considerably when a new automatic tail light exhibited recently at the International Patent exhibition comes into widespread use. The turning of the steering wheel of the device, shown at the right, flashes on a light in the rear that indicates to following motorists which way the driver will turn, thus preventing confusion and delay.

Autos Main Cause of Accident (Aug, 1930)

Autos Main Cause of Accidents

THE automobile continues to be the most dangerous article in America. Inside the home, bathtubs and loose rugs on floors vie with each other for the doubtful distinction of being most dangerous to human life and limb.