Where Do They Keep The Towels? (Feb, 1940)

Where Do They Keep The Towels?

THIS new foreign limousine has a hot and cold water folding wash-basin of aluminum built into its right front fender. Beneath the hood is a 2-compartment tank holding two and a half gallons of water. The hot water section is heated by exhaust gases passing through a spiral pipe. The two faucets give water of any desired temperature. The basin is automatically emptied when it is folded into the fender.

Trailer Saves Return Haul Costs (Aug, 1931)

Trailer Saves Return Haul Costs

A GREAT saving in the return trips of trucks used for the transportation of automobiles from factory to dealer has been effected as a result of the development of a new type of trailer. Built with rear extension that can be folded back, the trailer can be shortened so that one truck can be hauled by another on the return trip.

Triangular truss frame construction of the trailer makes possible a combination of maximum strength and minimum weight. The photo below shows the manner in which one truck is carried by another, without danger of accident on road.

Exterminating Rats With Deadly Automobile Exhaust Gas (Jul, 1931)

Exterminating Rats With Deadly Automobile Exhaust Gas

“IF THE fumes from an automobile exhaust can kill humans, they should have the same effect on rats,” said the head of the Department of Health of Highland Park, Michigan. And so onto the exhaust pipe of a dilapidated Model T Ford discarded by the police officials, the health officers rigged up a rubber hose and established themselves as modern pied pipers.

The “hunters” first seal all the holes of the building to be operated upon, leaving just two openings. The hose is then inserted into one of these, the engine of the Ford coaxed to wheeze a bit, and the carbon monoxide does the rest.

The Mercedes-Benz 190 SL (Apr, 1956)

The Mercedes-Benz 190 SL

Fine workmanship and splendid roadability are the top features of this sports rig, says Uncle Tom.

By Tom McCahill

THE NAME Mercedes-Benz, like Tiffany, Morgan & Company and Diamond Jim Brady is known from pole-to-pole and over the border and into Finland. Mercedes-Benz has had only one rival through the years for the title of Prestige Car Of The World—and that is Rolls-Royce. Actually, from a quality standpoint and longevity, Rolls gets the nod, but from a performance and accomplishment standpoint no one can touch Mercedes.

Fold-up Spare Tire (Feb, 1957)

Fold-up Spare Tire
TAKING up a space of only about 6 x 10 x 14 inches when folded, this collapsible spare tire is just about glove-compartment size. Developer and manufacturer is The Gates Rubber Company, Dept. SM, 999 S. Broadway, Denver 17, Colo. The compact spare is quickly slipped over a wheel rim after the damaged tire has been removed, and inflated with a carbon dioxide cylinder. With a tread life of about 1000 miles, the tire can be easily deflated, removed from the wheel and refolded for future use. The Fold-Away tire will soon be available through tire dealers for approximately 75% of the cost of a standard 100 level tire; tire puller and carbon dioxide cylinder will be included in kit later.

MI Tests The Triumph TR-2 (Aug, 1954)

MI Tests The Triumph TR-2

“A hairy-chested, flame-spiffing wildcat” is how Tom describes this 104-mph import. By Tom McCahill THE fastest automobile in the world selling for under $2,500 is one way of summing up the TR-2 Triumph sports car. In its price class, the new Triumph is a hairy-chested, flame-spitting wildcat. With this uninhibited rig you can pass a flat-out MG with enough extra speed in hand to give the MG driver double pneumonia in addition to dust in his eye and a slight eardrum concussion.

Auto Fitted With Floats to Navigate Both Land and Water (Jul, 1931)

Auto Fitted With Floats to Navigate Both Land and Water

DESIGNED to ford streams and rivers on a 12,000 mile jaunt of exploration around the world, a new amphibian automobile has been constructed by Capt. Geoffrey Malin, British explorer, which floats by means of huge inflated bags attached to a special electron frame at the side.

Hail Your Fiends with Auto SPEAKER (Jul, 1931)

Hail Your Fiends with Auto SPEAKER

TO BE able to hail your friends from your auto as you drive along the street, all you have to do is to install in your car a simple microphone arrangement consisting of a hand mike, an amplifier of the common two-stage type, and a speaker. With this novel stunt, you can merely speak into the mike and your voice will sound out loud and clear from the radiator of your machine, to the amazement of your friends who hear you.

Coffee Pot on Truck Sings, Speaks (Feb, 1934)

Coffee Pot on Truck Sings, Speaks

A HUGE coffee pot mounted on an advertising car of a Berlin coffee retailer sings and blares forth the qualities of a certain brand of coffee.

A microphone, amplier, and loudspeaker inside the pot make it possible to broadcast music or speech as the odd car moves through the streets. The lid of the pot raises when the loudspeaker is used.
The car has attracted a great deal of attention on the streets of Berlin, and has boosted coffee sales.

Car Wheels Have Separate Motors (Apr, 1933)

Car Wheels Have Separate Motors

GERMAN automotive engineers have come out with a car which merits especial attention because of its unusual frontwheel drive. Each front wheel runs on its own axle and is powered by an individual motor. Far greater flexibility is thus provided especially on rough ground.

Another great advantage to this type of construction, engineers claim, is that a lower center of gravity is permitted, giving the car increased stability, speed, and an improved general appearance.

A clear idea of the construction of the bus will be gained from close inspection of the phantom view of the body below.