Why GAMBLE with DEATH? (Nov, 1936)


By H. W. Magee

THERE’S one law which, sooner or later, is going to stop every reckless or careless driver. That’s the law of averages. And when this law of averages is applied to traffic accidents today, the rows of cold figures scream a grim warning which every sane motorist should heed because you can’t break this law without eventually breaking your neck.

PIN-UP CAR – 1939 Bugatti 57S (Aug, 1951)

PIN-UP CAR – 1939 Bugatti 57S

Owner: Thomas Butler Folsom, Pasadena, Calif. Original cost: $25,000 (including duty). Engine: straight 8, double overhead cam with Roots direct blower, 210 hp. Body: aluminum, hand made by Ganglof, Colmar, France. Interior: Australian black kid. Finish: Bugatti red, black top. Wheelbase: 130 inches. Miles per gallon: 15. Top speed: 130 mph.

MI Tests the 1951 Kaiser Special (May, 1950)

MI Tests the 1951 Kaiser Special

“Good looks, real performance and lots of new ideas” should enable the new medium-priced Kaiser to give competitors a run for their money, says Tom McCahill.

THE 1951 Supersonic six-cylinder Kaiser Special—one of three all-new lines produced this year by Kaiser-Frazer —is quite an automobile. It has good looks, real performance and a lot of brand new little ideas which should cause competitors to take inventory of their own merchandise.


Ninety seven years later and you’d be hard pressed to find a hundred electric cars in all of NYC.

Incidentally the $45 a month price would be equivalent to $1022 a month in 2012 dollars. While that sounds like a lot of money I’m sure you could find valet lots around central park that actually cost that much today.


ELECTRIC car owners and dealers in the Central Park district of New-York City have banded together and built a co-operative garage. One hundred electric machines have been placed in the new station and six dealers in electrics and accessories have taken show room along the street frontage. As the result, the fortunate ones have reduced storage expenses considerably.

Safety and Beauty in Manchuria Governor’s Car (Oct, 1921)

There is a Facebook photo album about this car. Anyway, according to the caption the car did not prevent the Governor from being deposed by Chiang Kaishek and assassinated by the Japanese.

Safety and Beauty in Manchuria Governor’s Car

AN American limousine has just been delivered to His Excellency Tsan Tso-Lin, governor general of Manchuria. It combines luxurious upholstery and beauty of design with armored protection.

A lining of chrome nickel steel was built inside the body. Shutters of the same material, which are rolled out of sight in the roof of the car, can be lowered to cover the windows. Portholes in the sides and back of the car make it possible to fire from within.

Yacht on Wheels Speeds 95 per on Land, Balks on Water (Sep, 1931)

Yacht on Wheels Speeds 95 per on Land, Balks on Water
A LUXURIOUS yacht on wheels but one that won’t float in water attracted much attention at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the 1931 Memorial Day gasoline derby. Built on a Pierce-Arrow chassis, the “boat” is 24 feet long, 5-1/2 feet wide, weighs 5,700 pounds, is powered with a 132-horsepower motor, and cost $18,000. The vehicle is a boat in every respect save locomotion. It has no doors, has twin screws in the stern, fog horns and an engine room bell, radio and life savers hanging on each side.


I wonder how many mechanics got carbon monoxide poisoning before these were standard…


Danger of carbon monoxide poisoning is eliminated in a New York City garage by a blower system with junction boxes at convenient points. To these boxes are attached lengths of flexible hose which are connected to the exhaust pipe of the automobile being tested or repaired. In this way the noxious fumes have no chance to escape into the workroom.

Push-button Parking (Oct, 1946)

Push-button Parking

PRESS a button and park your car! The Park-O-Mat automatically places an auto in any desired stall of a garage. With it, more cars can be parked in less space in less time by fewer attendants.

At the garage entrance arms grip the front and rear bumpers and slide the car to an elevator.

The World’s Greatest Truck Value! (Apr, 1923)

The World’s Greatest Truck Value!


A Truck Produced and Serviced by Transportation Experts

The great Ruggles organization is made up of trained transportation experts. The factory specialists know how to build trucks to meet commercial needs. The local dealer applies transportation principles to the economical moving of your product.

Ruggles Trucks are built to perform definite service. They are strong, powerful, dependable. They have the power to carry your load and the speed to maintain your schedules.

Plastic Auto Top Is Removable (Apr, 1946)

What good is the rear spotlight going to do if you can’t see out the back and the side mirrors are the size of lollipops?

Plastic Auto Top Is Removable

Tradition is disregarded in a custom-built automobile body designed by Raymond Loewy and equipped with a transparent plastic top for the driver’s seat which can be removed for warm weather motoring. Built on a standard 1942 Lincoln Zephyr chassis, the body is six inches lower than conventional cars. Blue glass portholes are fitted into the rear dome, and a plastic shield—hinged to the top—can be lowered between front and rear seats. A rear spotlight aids in backing up.