What Transportation Means to Civilization (Apr, 1923)

What Transportation Means to Civilization

$525 f.o.b. Flint, Mich.

Civilization is the result of interchange of individual thought and the product of thought.

This interchange depends entirely on transportation.

For transportation of products or people in the mass, major transportation units such as ships and railroad trains are most economical, yet limited to fixed ocean lanes or tracks on the land.

MI Tests the Willys Jeepster and Station Wagon (Jan, 1950)

MI Tests the Willys Jeepster and Station Wagon

“This wagon could almost climb the side of a building!” says Tom McCahill after testing the Jeep’s newest descendant.

HEWING to the line that nothing succeeds like success, Little Willie Jeep, the bottom-busting toughie of war fame, has spread himself out four ways, all heading in the same general direction.


Alrighty then…. moving on.


Amazing electrical invention starts car, truck or tractor motor without choke. Saves plenty gas, oil. More speed. HOT SHOT sparks BLUE if ignition O. K.—RED if faulty. Draws big crowds. Sells on sight. 30,000,000 prospects. 100% profit at $1.50. Gold mine for agents. “$25 a day easy,” says Akeman. “Rush 500 HOT SHOTS,” says Klint. “Send 200 more,” say Berg-Williams. “We want exclusive.” “Never saw anything to beat it.” “My first winner.” Selling like wildfire. Your best bet part time – full time.

FREE Sample Offer. Act QUICK. Reardon Mfg. Co., Dept.V-ll, Peoria, Ill.

Great Sport, Fording a River by Auto (Oct, 1921)

Great Sport, Fording a River by Auto

WHILE the beautiful Cook County forest preserves that lie about Chicago are to be kept, in the main, in their natural condition, certain improvements are added yearly for the comfort and pleasure of the many thousands of city-weary guests who motor or “hike” to them every hot holiday. Among these recreation engineering features are two underwater bridges across the Des Plaines River above the town of the same name.

MARMON 34 (Apr, 1918)

I’d never heard of the Marmon Car Company before seeing this ad. I really hope their catalog was called “The Book of Marmon”.


Advanced Engineering

The new 4-Door Sedan is a practical family car for all seasons. In pleasant weather the lowered windows give the effect of an open car; when raised on stormy days, they shut out all discomforts. This serviceable model is in full accord with the utilitarian spirit of today.

136-inch wheelbase—
1100 pounds lighter

Established 1851

“Mention the Geographic—It identifies you.”

LUGGAGE RACK for Volkswagen (Feb, 1957)

LUGGAGE RACK for Volkswagen was recently exhibited at a Fall Fair in Frankfurt Germany. Easily attached to car in a few minutes, trunk costs about $65, is 110 lbs.

FLIPPED sideways, rack allows VW owner easy access to engine. Device is made by Kurt Maruitz firm in Duesseldorf to fill long-felt need on little autos.



AN ELECTRIC map now automatically aids motorists seeking travel information at the headquarters of the Automobile Club of Southern California. At the touch of a button, the mileage to any of 1,000 points within the state flashes from an electrical panel in luminous green figures, while a bright red spot indicates the location of the place upon a map twelve feet high.

Outdoor Community Elevator / Three-Wheeled Auto (Oct, 1924)

The Hollywood High Tower elevator is still there and still in use.

To that let me add this aerial view from Google Maps.

Outdoor Community Elevator Serves Dwellers on Lofty Hillside

Rising like the tower of a Spanish mission from a hillside in Hollywood, Calif., is a unique community elevator which residents have built to solve the problem of getting to their homes. The tower, surmounted by an artistic cupola, rises from a practically level street to a height of about 100 feet. About one-third of it is located in a concrete shaft within the hill. The elevator itself is reached through a fifty-foot tunnel cut in the solid rock, is electrically operated and controlled with a push button by the user.

Warning the Driver Behind with a Red Hand (Oct, 1921)

Warning the Driver Behind with a Red Hand

A NEW traffic signal embodies a glass tube containing neon at a pressure much below the atmosphere. When it is subjected to static electric pressure, it glows a deep orange red. The upraised red hand of warning does exactly what it should do—attracts the attention of the man behind you.

NEW on the ROAD (Jan, 1950)

NEW on the ROAD

Rolling Home had long been the vehicular dream of Paul Prigg of Miami. Then one day he decided he would stop dreaming and make the thing. Here it is! It’s built of aluminum on a Packard chassis and motor with special heavy-duty springs. It sleeps four, has hot and cold water, closets, cabinets and, in fact, just about everything a couple would want in a home.