Motor Scooter Burns LPG (Dec, 1955)

Motor Scooter Burns LPG
Already noted for its gas economy, the motor scooter now has been adapted to burn LPG. Ralph Carlton of Wauchula, Fla., converted his standard scooter into an LPG-burner with a few minor engine changes. Now he carries a bottle of propane lashed to the scooter’s front end.

Rocket Brakes for Emergency Stops? (Jul, 1946)

Rocket Brakes for Emergency Stops?


By Capt. G. C. MacDonald

ROCKET propellants, cased in special jet housings under the hood, may be used on future passenger cars and trucks as spectacularly efficient emergency brakes.

What is believed to be the first vehicle using jet emergency brakes has already been tested at the Allegany Ballistics Laboratory, Cumberland, Md., with the writer serving as test driver. An ordinary jeep, provided with a safety belt and a steel pyramid for protection in case of upset, was fitted with two jet thrust units mounted beside the hood at an angle of 45 deg. Segments of the wheels were painted white to permit high-speed camera analysis of wheel behavior during stopping.

Original Model E (Jan, 1948)

This looks like the Victorian Clampetts.

This original Model E was photographed during a 1905 Florida racing carnival. It was built by the White Sewing Machine Co.

Blow, Pedestrian, Blow (Apr, 1948)

Blow, Pedestrian, Blow

Much has been written about careless driving and traffic hazards in Los Angeles, but Hilton Tupman, of that city, has done something about it. Carrying his six-pound pedestrian horn, shown above, he honks his way across streets, warning over-eager motorists that even the lowly foot-traveler has some rights. The tank holds air under pressure of 500 lb. A trigger release under the handle sounds it off, good and loud.

Finger Tip Turn Signals (Jun, 1939)

Asked to make a speech on motor safety, Williams invented this signaling device for drivers instead. A dry cell supplies current to light bulbs, one white and the other red, on the fingers.

Start and warm up your car by remote control (Feb, 1968)

Start and warm up your car by remote control

This little radio unit sends signals to your car, and lets you start it in your driveway or in a parking lot up to 500 feet away. It also enables you to operate heater and air-conditioner controls. The unit, named Ramostar, can be set to shut off the engine after five to 15 minutes, and will warn you if anyone is trying to tamper with your car. It has 32,338 different code combinations. Prices from Ramostar, 708 Waukegan Road, Deerfield, Ill. 60015.



COME TIME AGO a businessman named A. G. Dezendorf gazed at the Washington Monument while calculations tumbled through his mind. The monument, he knew, was 55-1/2 feet square at the base and 555 feet high. Its lower 400 feet. Dezendorf calculated, contained enough space to park 648 automobiles.

CAR GUN RACK (Dec, 1953)


When you go hunting, do you throw your guns and cases on the back floor or trunk of your car? I did, too, until I happened on the CAR GUN RACK made by Powermaster Corp. of Alhambra, Calif. I took its picture on the back seat of a beautiful, brand new Chevvie although it will fit any car. It’s made of mahogany, holds three rifles or shotguns and just hooks over the seat. Incidentally, it can hang on the wall of your cabin, just as easily.

Floating Automobile Trailer Cruises Lake Under Own Power (Aug, 1954)

Am I the only one who thinks this looks like a floating bordello?

Floating Automobile Trailer Cruises Lake Under Own Power

When it’s not rolling down the highway, a trailer owned by a West Berlin woman is likely to be found cruising around a lake.
A pontoon raft turns the amphibious trailer into a houseboat. A small gasoline engine propels it when it’s in the water.

New Glareless Auto Headlights (Dec, 1931)

New Glareless Auto Headlights

TAKING a hint from the eye shade made popular by Helen Wills Moody, Frank R. Dudley, of Fitchburg, Mass., has invented a glareless head light. Located on the cowl, as shown below, the shade stretches along hood to direct rays downward on roadway.