Auto Top Makes a Motor Boat (Oct, 1921)

Auto Top Makes a Motor Boat

A KANSAS CITY man, unwilling to give up the joys of boating entirely for the joys of touring, has invented a camp-automobile of which the top is a complete motor boat, engine and all. The boat slides off on rollers and can easily be handled by one man, unlike some other one-man tops. It will carry six persons. Another extraordinary feature of the equipment of the automobile is a hot and cold water supply.

Versatile vehicle (Nov, 1981)

I believe that is a prototype Humvee. According to the Wikipedia page, one of the competing vehicles was designed by Lamborghini(video).

Versatile vehicle

High ground clearance mates with a low silhouette in AM General’s new cross-country vehicle. Designed for a U.S. Army competition, the 1-1/4-ton prototype could serve as an anti-tank missile carrier, a fire-control vehicle, or even an ambulance, says the company.

Steel Rail at Center of Road Prevents Head-On Crash (Aug, 1938)

Steel Rail at Center of Road Prevents Head-On Crash

White center lines on the highway warn motorists to stay in their own lanes, but they don’t prevent a crash if someone ventures across the line at the wrong time. Real protection is now offered by a center-line guard rail of convex steel strips supported by spring-steel posts, sturdy and resilient enough to absorb the shock of impact and deflect the car back to its proper lane. This traffic divider occupies no more space than is taken by the double white line.



Installing a monster speedometer in the back of a car, as illustrated above, so that its reading will be plainly visible from the rear, is the latest way of advertising garage service. A legend on the dial reads, “How’s your speedometer?”, inviting the driver of a following car to keep pace while he compares his own instrument with the speed-indicating pointer.

Carefully calibrated for accuracy, it permits a quick and satisfactory check-up.

COMMENT and REVIEW – Auto Safety – Gun Violence (Oct, 1923)

So apparently the controversy over gun control has a long and oft repeated history.

Also, I love the idea of giving speeders an “insanity test”.

Longer than that.  When Chicago was founded as a town in 1830 apparently one of the first laws passed was a ban on firearms.  New York State passed the Sullivan Act in 1911.


Pistols and Automobiles Kill 20,000.

THE count of the death toll from revolvers and automobiles for 1922 is completed and rolls up the astounding total of 10,000 from pistols and revolvers, and about the same number from automobiles. In both counts many hundred, if not several thousand, who died weeks or months after the accident, and in the case of revolvers, many more who were killed and the bodies concealed and not yet found, were not included.

The New Kattle Kaller AUTO HORN (Dec, 1955)

The New Kattle Kaller AUTO HORN


Makes a Car BELLOW like a Bull

Completely different novelty horn. Sounds just like a lonesome bull. Imitates any cattle sound. Actually used by ranchers to call cattle. Makes low gentle tone, or roars full blast. Variable tone control located on steering column.

SPEED WEEKS ’56 (May, 1956)


Tough competition and attempted skulduggery were features of the 1956 NASCAR Daytona Beach trials.

By Tom McCahill

THE 1956 Daytona Beach Speed Trials will go down in the history books as the most razzle-dazzle hunk of competition since Rip Van Winkle switched to an electric razor. NASCAR sanctioned Speed Weeks (plural) this year, which was intended to mean two weeks of Speed Trials. But Old Herman Weather decided differently. Consequently, the huge program spaced to cover two weeks’ running was jammed into the fastest 48 hours of activity ever to assault the Atlantic Coast.

Patient Travels in Trailer with an ‘Iron Lung’ (Oct, 1938)

Patient Travels in Trailer with an ‘Iron Lung’

Kept alive by an “iron lung” for many months since he was stricken with infantile paralysis while traveling in China, Frederick B. Snite, Jr., of River Forest, Ill., now has a trailer fitted with an iron lung for touring in this country. The portable “lung” is pushed up a runway into the trailer and supplied with power by a generating plant behind the cab. The mechanical device does his breathing for him while he watches the scenery in a rear-view mirror or in a periscope mirror on the roof. The trailer is air conditioned and has its own kitchen.

New Stop Signal for Police Cars (May, 1932)

New Stop Signal for Police Cars

STATE police in Michigan have adopted a new departure in stop signals to supplant the familiar flashlight command when halting a motorist on the road.

The scheme makes use of a regulation automobile headlight mounted on the right front fender of the police car. The lens is lettered with command to “stop,” as shown in the photo. In operation the police car drives up beside the culprit motorist and switches on the signal, thus commanding by light.

Road Automat Saves Walk for Gas (Oct, 1930)

Road Automat Saves Walk for Gas

LATE hour motorists whose tanks run dry when they are out somewhere several miles from a filling station will find these new gas automats, shown in the photo below, which are being installed around Los Angeles as emergency stations, a great boon.