Bat Car (Aug, 1950)

This is the coolest freaking car. It’s like a combination of the Batmobile and a land speeder from Star Wars.

Ground-Hugging Motor Car Being Made in Sweden

Cruising the streets of Stockholm is a new Swedish car, built so low it seems to glide along the ground. The little car seats two and is designed to sell for about $386. When the plant is in full operation, about 50 of the cars will be turned out each week.

Auto Seat Gives Infant Comfort – AKA “Kiddie Catapult” (May, 1936)

It seems to me that this should be called the “Kiddie Catapult”, because if you’re ever in an accident your child is going to fly right through the windshield.

Auto Seat Gives Infant Comfort

When the very young members of the younger generation go motoring they may now ride in comfort, thanks to a new auto seat especially designed for infants.

The device is, in effect, a small chair which is placed on top of the regular seat cushion. Side arms give the child support and a convenient footrest keeps small shoes from scuffing the seat upholstery. The seat provides the child with full vision and is said not to come loose or jar out of place. Straps furnish the necessary adjustments.

15 Lane Drive-in Bank (Nov, 1964)

This is just about the most American thing I’ve ever seen:

Big drive-in bank can serve 15 customers at a time

The entire street-level floor of the new Denver U.S. National Bank is devoted to customers who do their bankning without having to get out of their cars. It has 15 drive-in teller booths equipped with pneumatic tubes going to the other parts of the bank and TV to check accounts. Automatic light signals direct cars to booths as they are vacated. Over a million drivers can be served a year. Pedestrians bank on one of three basement levels. Four floors above the street can park 260 cars.

Early Car Wash (Nov, 1934)

Endless Chain Conveyor Moves Cars Thu Auto Laundry

Borrowing an idea from the assembly lines of large automobiele factories, an inventive garage man has devised an endless chain conveyor system which moves cars through his auto laundry to permit a complete cleaning and polishing job in nine minutes.

The patron merely drives his car onto a guide track and steps out. A coupling chain is then attached to the front bumper and the main chain running alond the floor. A button is pressed and the car begins to move. As it passes each section of the track streams of water play on whells and body. A revoloving brush drops from a hinged support in the ceiling and cleans the top of the car as jets of water pour from the brush.

Powerful blowers then dry the car and a giant vacuum system removes the grit and dirt from both the inside and outside of the car.

License Plates, now with more Skulls! (Mar, 1939)

I want a skull on my license plate! I also love the girls expression.

Special License Plates Tag Careless Drivers

Special license plates for traffic violators are being considered as a safety measure by Cliff Davis, commissioner of public safety in Memphis, Tenn. If the measure is adopted motorists who persistently break traffic laws will be required to run in their regular licence plates for special tags, similar to that shown in the photograph above, bearing a skull and the words “traffic-law violator.”

Pump Your Own Gas (Dec, 1939)

Pump Your Own Gas
If you’ve ever run out of gas late at night when gas stations were closed, you’ll appreciate this latest wrinkle in gasoline dispensing – the “Gasoteria”. The motorist drops coins into slots in the tank and may deliver gas directly into his car without the aid of an attendant. Should the tank be empty his money is returned automatically.