“Brain Wave” Airplanes ~ Will They Fly? (Oct, 1930)

“Brain Wave” Airplanes ~ Will They Fly?


Will the airplane of tomorrow develop out of present day “brain wave” designs, so-called because of their freakish departure from generally accepted principles? It is quite possible, as Mr. Miller points out, that the airplane of the future will be entirely different from conventional types we are accustomed to.

WHAT will the airplane of the future look like?

Will heavier-than-air craft continue to develop along present lines, with refinement of detail, or will something radically different be produced and prove better than existing planes?



Thousands fly Aeronca in business—cover more territory faster—have more time with family

EVER hear the story of this traveling salesman? He knows that time is money. The more customers he can see… the more territory he can cover in the least time… the more profitable it is to him. He flies Aeronca!

He’s sick and tired of long, tedious trips on the road. He wants no more of lonely nights in hard-to-get hotel rooms away from his wife and children. Now he can travel in luxurious comfort and return home each night. He flies Aeronca!

Coming Generation Is Growing Naturally Into the Idea of Flying (Aug, 1929)

Alas, cats are not the same. I bought my cat a cardboard plane and he refused to ever get in it.

Coming Generation Is Growing Naturally Into the Idea of Flying

WASH tubs, wheel barrows, newspapers—in fact anything young children can lay their hands on—are being converted into transport planes, fighters and gliders of the queerest shapes and designs. Youngsters have accepted aviation as a permanent fixture and are preparing for it in their own way. Instead of playing policeman, cowboy or house, both boys and girls are pretending they are pilots, guiding a ship through the sky.

A New Dirigible with Wings (Jul, 1929)

A New Dirigible with Wings

INTENDED to revolutionize air and sea travel, a novel amphibian airship which combines various features of Zeppelin, airplane, and ship construction has been designed by Capt. William F. Cooper of Los Angeles, Cal. The model of his airship which is shown in the photos above is one ninety-sixth the size the air-liner will be when completed. With a wing spread of 200 feet, a length of 800 feet, and a gas-bag diameter of 135 feet, the airship will be the largest and most unusual craft ever to take the air.

Airwheel Plane, Paddle Wheel Boat (Jan, 1934)

“Airwheel” Flies by its Revolution

MANY attempts have been made, both before and after the invention of the airplane, to develop a craft which should really fly. The ornithopter, or bird-wing craft, has not been successful in its motion, any more than mechanical devices which simulate walking. The bird, like the man, has a great many controls in its muscular equipment, which are difficult to imitate in a machine. However, during the past few years, the idea of a revolving wing has been attracting more and more inventive effort.

Floating Airports of the Sea (Aug, 1929)

Floating Airports of the Sea

Ocean stepping-stones in the form of floating seadromes bid fair to cut down the hazards of trans-Atlantic flights.

Regular airplane service across the Atlantic is brought a step nearer reality by the projection of plans for a series of floating landing fields which can be anchored at intervals of a thousand miles between America and Europe, affording a safe place for passenger carrying planes to come down for refueling and mechanical attention.

How to lower the cost of bringing UP your family… (Jan, 1951)

How to lower the cost of bringing UP your family…

Vacation dollars and days go farther since American Airlines started their Family Fare Plan. Now Dad can take the whole family on a big trip… He pays full fare while Mother and the children go for half when they travel on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Is it any wonder family men are so enthusiastic about Flagship travel? And, Mothers, too, welcome this new and easy way to go places with the children. Miles melt into minutes… no more restless, tired youngsters to worry over. Meals are delicious and come to you… no waiting, no fuss.

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Radar Ignites Flash Bulbs in Aircraft (Apr, 1948)

Wow, I’ve never heard about this effect.

Radar Ignites Flash Bulbs in Aircraft

Flashbulbs and aircraft like liquor and automobiles, don’t mix.

Enroute from Los Angeles to New York, fire broke out in the baggage compartment of a DC-6. The pilot tried for an emergency landing but just missed the strip and crashed in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

PHANTOM RAIDERS of the AIR (Jun, 1935)


CONCEALED by nothing but their coloring, two camouflaged planes on the ground eluded the vigilant eyes of the crews of six observation planes sent up to search for them during a test at the army air corps base in Hawaii. The observation ships spent one and one-half hours in hunting and not one spotted the camouflaged aircraft.

Around the World with the Graf Zeppelin (Nov, 1929) (Nov, 1929)

Around the World with the Graf Zeppelin

Circumnavigating the globe in 21 days, the Graf Zeppelin has broken all records for speed in traveling around the world. Little known facts concerning the giant airship, its commander, and the world flight are presented below.