NEW on the ROAD (Mar, 1950)

NEW on the ROAD

De-icing Fluid clears sleet and frost from your windshield. You just squeeze the flexible Bakelite atomizer and the liquid is forced out in a fine spray. It turns frost into slush which your windshield wiper can quickly clear away. Birma Mfg. Company, Buffalo 14, New York.

Motorcycle Driven by Steam Operates Almost Noiselessly (May, 1936)

Motorcycle Driven by Steam Operates Almost Noiselessly

Silent except for a faint chug-chug at the start, a steam-driven motorcycle is in operation in Miami, Fla. It runs smoothly at one mile or fifty per hour, makes fifty miles per gallon of gasoline, kerosene or distillate and has no gears.

Police Play Motor-Cycle Leapfrog (Oct, 1937)

Police Play Motor-Cycle Leapfrog

Playing leapfrog over a speeding motor cycle was the daring stunt performed by English police at a recent exhibition in London. Facing an oncoming motor cycle, the jumper spread his legs and vaulted over.

Amphibious Motorcyclists Explore Salton Sea (Oct, 1921)

Amphibious Motorcyclists Explore Salton Sea


THE Salton Sea, of Southern California, two hundred and sixty feet below sea level—a vast inland sea in the midst of a burned-out desert—was recently the scene of a weird and extraordinary motorcycle tour, which was a combination land and water journey with vehicles never intended for anything other than human locomotion on land.

Futuramic Two-Wheeler (Oct, 1952)

Futuramic Two-Wheeler

YEARS ago, O.R. Courtney of Pontiac, Mich., built a fully-enclosed motorcycle that proved so successful he decided to come up with another. His new version, shown here, is totally enclosed and has a padded leather 2-passenger seat which lifts up to expose the main mechanical innards of the machine below. It is powered with an army surplus 45 cu. in. Indian V-twin air-cooled engine. Wheels are sprung on coil springs with adjustable dampeners, and the gasoline tank is enclosed beneath the cycle’s front wheel hood.

IT’S NEW! (Oct, 1956)

That swamp wagon is pretty damn bad-ass.


SWAMP WAGON’S nine-ft. tall rear wheels have hickory treads steel-clamped to 28 in. rims weighing 700 lbs. Vehicle is designed to clamber over Florida’s soft muck bogs.

TOTCYCLIST Brad Bradley drives cut-down 125 cc Harley Davidson like a pro. Five-year-old was taught to ride 50-mph machine by his Dad. Brad began career at 18 months.

MANY-LENSED Italian Summa camera has revolving turret housing regular lens, wide angle lens and two for direct sighting. It also has hand grips and flash attachments.

NO FANCY PANTS, Solly Davis holds Geiger counter inside Goodyear’s new one-piece vinyl film anti-radiation suit Inflated by compressed air, suit is air-conditioned.



RIDING around on a genuine Shanghai-manufactured rickshaw is Buster Mattingly’s Chinese cup of tea. The Louisville, Ky. owner bought it from an Army officer and set about fixing it up. He installed a new convertible leather top, chromed the metal parts, put in a Clinton gasoline engine which is supported by a small steel mount welded to the bicycle frame and painted it a pale green.

Motorized 3-Wheel Milk Bike (Mar, 1932)

Motorized 3-Wheel Milk Bike

THE milkman now has a new vehicle at his disposal, a motorized milk wagon built on a three-wheeled motorbike, as illustrated in the accompanying photo. Milk is carried on the truck body built over the rear wheels, while the driver rides in front, behind the protective windshield.

What makes the truck especially suitable for milk delivery work is its extreme economy of operation and its flexibility. For short routes, this bike truck is ideal.

new on the road (Apr, 1948)

new on the road

Parking Gage sounds a buzzer when you back too close to the curb. Hub caps and tire walls are protected by two, six-inch springs which close circuit when they touch curb.

Puncture-Proof Tire has nails, ice picks and a chisel driven into it to prove its toughness. Chicago police also riddled it with bullets with no effect. This tire can take it.

THRILLS and CASH for Motorcyclists (May, 1932)

THRILLS and CASH for Motorcyclists

by Theodore Hodgdon

The author of this article, one of the leading authorities on motorcycle hill-climbing and racing, tells here how to prepare your motorcycle for Class “B” hill climb events, where you can win cash awards for your riding skill.

ALL the thrills of an exciting sport plus substantial awards, await the amateur motorcycle competition rider in 1932. During the last year there were 60 Race Meets held in the U.S.A., 160 hill climb contests, and 150 motorcycle polo matches.