Dummy Motorbike Teaches Safety (Oct, 1933)

This is what it looks like when you get run over in toon town.

Dummy Motorbike Teaches Safety

RAILWAY workers on English roads get thorough training in First Aid. Below are seen two railroad men practicing rescue work. The “victim” is pretending he has been knocked off his motorbike, while the engineer is treating him for injuries. Feature of this episode is cardboard motorbike.

Side Car Serves as Boat (Jun, 1934)

Side Car Serves as Boat
A MOTORCYCLE side car which doubles as a canoe on trips to the beach or river bank has recently made its appearance in Germany. The car is fitted with small metal pontoons which keep it upright in the water. Future models will be fitted with rudders, completing the transformation from side car to a navigable boat.

There’s nothing like a Vespa (Jan, 1959)

There’s nothing like a Vespa

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Outboard Motor Powers Bicycle (Jun, 1931)

Outboard Motor Powers Bicycle
AT a recent automobile show an outboard motor was shown as a power plant for a bicycle. The motor is attached to the handlebars and delivers its power to the front wheel through a friction drive which operates directly on the tire.

Auto SCOOTER (Dec, 1947)


IN CROWDED metropolitan centers across the country the thin trickle of new automobiles is helping one problem —transportation—but heightening another. Parking lots are bursting with automobiles of commuters, curbs are lined and every city has a parking problem which no plan has solved. Increased costs pose another serious problem for the average family. Car prices have risen beyond comfortable reach. One-car families which ordinarily might be two-car families can’t afford the extra outlay of $2,000 or more, even if auto deliveries could be made next week.

Bike Disguised as Motorcycle (May, 1932)

Bike Disguised as Motorcycle
WHAT is this younger generation coming to? When you and I were kids a bike was a bike, and lucky was the boy to get one without any trimmings whatsoever. But now look! Even the tiny tots must have a bike, and an ordinary one won’t do. It must be designed as the Graf Zeppelin, or in this case, a real motorcycle.

Twenty Miles to the Pint Is Motorcycle’s Record (Nov, 1936)

Twenty Miles to the Pint Is Motorcycle’s Record
One hundred twenty miles on less than three quarts of gasoline is the record of an “underslung” type motorcycle built by a Los Angeles man and exhibited at the San Diego exposition. Its wheels are less than knee-high and equipped with balloon tires. The one-cylinder motor drives the front wheel with a belt.

A Home-Built Miniature Motorbike for Youngster (Jan, 1933)

A Home-Built Miniature Motorbike for Youngster


A youngster will get some keen thrills out of driving his own specially designed midget motorbike along the highways at a clip of 40 m.p.h. Read this article to learn how to build one of these miniature jobs or cut down a big machine to make it suitable for a 10-year-old boy.

AN EXCEPTIONAL opportunity for the mechanically-minded person to exercise his ingenuity and creative ability is afforded in the construction of miniature motorcycles for youngsters ranging all the way from three up to eight or ten years of age.

When complete, these tiny motorcycles operate exactly like their larger brothers, which may be seen in the hands of sportsmen and motorcycle policemen. The tiny engines propel the little machines along at 35 or 40 miles an hour, yet are easily controlled at a twist of the wrist by regular motorcycle throttle and spark grip.

Motorbike Racer for Youngsters (Aug, 1931)

Motorbike Racer for Youngsters

MINIATURE motorcycle racing is the latest innovation to be, introduced in Berlin parks for the amusement of youngsters. Riding midget motorcycles, which have side cars and all like the big motorbikes, these midget racers speed around a miniature track especially built for them, while spectators cheer from the grandstands.

Fido Gets Motorcycle Side-Car (Aug, 1931)

Fido Gets Motorcycle Side-Car
BEFORE the bicycle went modern and acquired a motor, Fido could get his Sunday airing with the rest of the family under his own power. He can never hope, however, to keep up with the speedy motorcycle, so one English dog lover has installed a miniature sidecar for Fido’s private use. The tiny sidecar is equipped with its own private celluloid windshield which folds back as shown in the photograph below, protecting the dog from the elements.