Harvesting Fish from the Ocean (Oct, 1921)

Of course Mr. Roe writes the fishing articles…

Harvesting Fish from the Ocean


A SHIP equipped with machinery for harvesting fish from the ocean has been launched at Lybeck, on the St. Johns River, Florida.

The boat is built upon long pontoons. It now remains to finish the installing of the electrical machinery ami the boat will be able to sally forth down the St. Johns River to the open ocean, there to prove or disprove the theory and dreams of the inventor of perfecting a craft that will catch, clean, cure and make ready for the market, fish in a wholesale fashion.

Unclaimed Fortunes Under The Sea (Jan, 1950)

Unclaimed Fortunes Under The Sea

Off our own shores, within tantalizing reach of you or any other would-be-millionaire, lie fabulous treasures—finders-keepers!

By West Peterson

LOOKING for money? Gold is where you I find it—and there’s plenty of that precious stuff down at the bottom of the ocean. On page 62 Mechanix Illustrated shows you just where you can drop anchor on $150,000,000 in sunken treasure, right along our coasts. But there’s billions more, scattered almost everywhere under the seven seas—all yours for the taking!

Auto Top Makes a Motor Boat (Oct, 1921)

Auto Top Makes a Motor Boat

A KANSAS CITY man, unwilling to give up the joys of boating entirely for the joys of touring, has invented a camp-automobile of which the top is a complete motor boat, engine and all. The boat slides off on rollers and can easily be handled by one man, unlike some other one-man tops. It will carry six persons. Another extraordinary feature of the equipment of the automobile is a hot and cold water supply.


Equipped with a movable pilot house that can be hoisted to a height of twenty-two feet above the waterline, or lowered to ‘ the main deck, one of the strangest of tow-boats is being built for service on the Chicago River.

atoms aweigh (Apr, 1965)

atoms aweigh

Most extraordinary passenger vessel since Robert Fulton’s Clermont, the N.S. (nuclear ship) Savannah can circle the globe almost 15 times on a single charge of nuclear fuel. This floating demonstration of the peaceful use of atomic energy already is setting new performance records. The Atomic Energy Commission and the Maritime Administration built the Savannah to be the safest ship afloat.

Broadcasting from a Submarine (Mar, 1931)

Broadcasting from a Submarine

By William J. Harris

Millions of radio listeners recently experienced for the first time in history the vicarious thrill of diving in a submarine and cruising along the ocean floor when announcers, stationed before a mike placed aboard the Submarine 0-8, gave a word picture of the boat’s maneuvers. This amazing feat was made possible by use of short wave radio, which also provides a means for transmitting from airplanes, autos and trains.

He Makes Fish Out of People (Nov, 1956)

He Makes Fish Out of People

Ed Townsend’s how-to skin diving school teaches aquatic enthusiasts to explore the briny deep safely.

By Sam Schneider

EARLY in the fall of 1953 two men set off on a skin diving prowl of the coral reefs in the ocean of Hillsborough, a tiny community on the southeast coast of Florida. The younger of the pair, wearing a brand new “lung” he’d recently bought, dropped off their boat and never surfaced alive.

The tragedy made headlines in south Florida, a climatically natural stronghold of the increasingly popular aquatic activity. It also spurred 260-pound Edwin D. Townsend into the development of a unique business.

NEW in SCIENCE (Dec, 1952)


Hydrofoil Bus is claimed by its German inventor to be the fastest passenger boat in the world. In a demonstration on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, it carried 32 people 50 mph. Motor is 350 hp. Hydraulic wings lift it high in the water.

Mail Pushcart replaces the usual mailbag for Irving Wonnacott of Oak Park, Ill. Local post office tested several models to ease delivery of magazine and periodicals, decided on this one. It holds more than bag, saves wear and tear on postmen.

New Marvels to Open Your Eyes (Oct, 1927)

New Marvels to Open Your Eyes

Man Shot from Gun; Boat Fast as Plane; Seagoing War Tank.

On land and sea the new war tank invented by Walter Christie is at home and, with its guns, equally deadly. Above, it is shown on land and, at right, crossing the Hudson after climbing the Palisades.

Clarence Chamberlin, first trans-Atlantic flyer to Germany, recently hopped in this plane from the specially built runway on the U.S.S. Leviathan, while 82 miles at sea, for the purpose of landing mail in New Jersey.

IT’S NEW! (May, 1956)

Wow, Ken Garritt must have some pretty strong wrists to hold up a 160 pound bike that way. Maybe one of the dynamos powers an anti-grav unit.


SNAZZY RUNABOUT, by sports car designer Brooks Stevens, mounts a 30-hp Evinrude Lark motor, has bucket seats and costs a mere $11,000.

FISSION FASHION. Suit designed to protect wearer from atomic fallout gets a big yak in Chicago. Fifteen-oz. silk garment is meant to be earned as emergency armor.

HOME-BUILT BIKE owned by Briton Ken Garritt weighs 160 lbs., has 24 gear ratios, three dynamos that power 17 lamps, lour direction finders and real cool twin horns.