Novel Auto Windshield Predicted For 1945 (Apr, 1939)

Novel Auto Windshield Predicted For 1945
DEMONSTRATED at a recent convention of the Society of Automotive Engineers held in Detroit, Mich., the huge streamlined curved windshield shown at left was presented as a possible feature of the roadster of 1945. Made of a special flexible “glass,” the windshield is a type that is used principally on airplanes and speedboats at present.

SKOOT-MOBILE (Feb, 1938)

America’s Smart New Fad
Everyone gets a big thrill out of Skoot-Mobile . . . youngsters and oldsters use it for pleasure and profit. Small merchants now have motorized delivery service at 1/10 of a cent per mile with the Economy Car. . . side car with 500 lb. pay load. Skoot-Mobile, designed and built like an automobile, averages 120 M.P.G. with speeds up to 30 M.P.H. . . . provides comfort with knee action shock absorbers on front wheel . . . has 2 speed transmission—low gear for power and hill climbing—high gear for speed and economy . . . Simple . . . fool-proof. . . economical . . . durable. FREE literature, write today.

Quality Hardware and Machine Corporation 5841 Ravenswood Avenue Chicago, Illinois

Ad: How a jet engine runs on its “nerves” (Feb, 1953)

How a jet engine runs on its “nerves”
Auxiliary “nerve center” of a jet’s engine, this complex gearbox transmits the power that runs oil and fuel pumps, generators, and other vital accessories. To produce this intricate unit for J-40 engines, Westinghouse looks to Lycoming for precision production.

From a jet’s mighty engine, these precision gears “take off” power and pass it along to vital accessory equipment at the specific rate required by each different unit. As many as 30 separate gears … as many as 2500 separate machining and assembly operations … go into this gearbox so essential to safe, efficient operation of a jet. And for this tremendously complex production, Westinghouse depends on Lycoming.

Lycoming stands ready to assist you, too. Whether you have “just an idea” that needs development, a problem in the blueprint stage, or a finished metal product that needs precise, speedy fabrication … you can depend on Lycoming’s long-tested ability to meet the most exacting and diverse industrial or military requirements. Whatever your problem—look to Lycoming!

Lycoming’s 2-1/2 million feet of floor space, its more than 6,000 machine tools, and its wealth of creative engineering ability stand ready to serve your needs.

LOOK TO Lycoming

You Drive a MILLION DOLLAR Automobile (Apr, 1936)

You Drive a MILLION DOLLAR Automobile


THAT shiny, streamlined 1936 motor car that you bought for a few hundred dollars cost its manufacturer one million dollars!

In all the story of modern industry there is no more arresting miracle than this. The million dollar car differs in only one respect from its moderate-priced brothers on the highways—it is completely hand built. Into it goes genius of the highest order. It is the master model of skilled designers which serves as a pattern for mass production.

Ad: How a helicopter hangs by its “elbows” (Mar, 1953)

How a helicopter hangs by its “elbows”

Straight up, straight down, forwards, backwards, or just hovering— the Piasecki “Work Horse” Helicopter’s peculiar flying maneuverability rests in its rotor assemblies. It is these flexible “elbows” that adjust the pitch of the ‘copter’s great blades. Each unit involves more than 625 separate parts. To machine and assemble them, Piasecki depends on Lycoming for precision production.

Proposes Orientable Roof-Top Airports For Cities (Jul, 1938)

It sure would screw up your property value if someone tried to build a billion ton sky-darkening airport over your house. Also I’m not quite sure why it needs to rotate…. bonus feature?

Proposes Orientable Roof-Top Airports For Cities
PROPOSED as a solution to the problem of locating an airport in the heart of any big city, a design for a long orientable runway, which would be mounted on circular tracks atop tall buildings, as sketched above, has been conceived by a French engineer.

Details on the NX2 – Our Atomic Plane (Jan, 1961)

Details on the NX2  – Our Atomic Plane

When will our “hottest” bomber take to the skies? How will it perform? What about the radiation danger? Here are the answers


OUR long-awaited atomic-powered airplane – Convair’s Model NX2 – is finally on the drawing boards, its components in various stages of construction and testing.

After 14 years’ research and an investment of close to 1 billion dollars, the plane’s reactor is under test and two different engine systems, both slated for early flight testing, are in advanced development.

Seeks 300 m.p.h. With Motorcycle Powered By Auto Engine (Jul, 1935)

Seeks 300 m.p.h. With Motorcycle Powered By Auto Engine
THREATENING to smash all existing motorcycle speed records, Fred Luther, Los Angeles racer, has just completed assembling an unique motorcycle which he claims will exceed 300 m. p. h. Powered by a six-cylinder Plymouth automobile engine with fan end generator removed, his special racing job is now undergoing a series of speed tests on the Pacific Coast. The 1,500-pound machine has a wheelbase of 85 inches and an over-all length of 115 inches. The frame is a standard one which has been lengthened and reinforced with steel tubing. Luther steers his motorcycle through two large sprockets connected by a 3/4-inch chain. The steel plates, mounted in front of the rear wheel, act as brakes when lowered.

Harley Davidson Ad: Fore-wheel brake (Oct, 1927)

Fore-wheel brake
First time in America!

The most advanced models in the history of the motorcycle industry, with improvements that are being talked about from coast to coast.

Outstanding feature for 1928 is the Fore-Wheel Brake — doubled safety. Other improve-ments are: Throttle controlled motor oiler—air cleaner—positive gearshift lock gate.

Greater stability! Increased safety! Longer life! Streamlines that make each model a beauty! Five minutes in the saddle will convince you that this is the mount you have been looking for.

No increase in prices. Solo Twins as low as $310 f. o. b. factory. See your local dealer. Send coupon for catalog.

Harley Davidson Motor Co.

New Model Sport-Solo Twin
Pace-setter for 1928! Has all the new features of standard Twin and in addition has smaller wheels—25″ x 3.85″ balloon tires—roadster handlebars. Dow-metal pistons, racing type, optional at slight increase in price. The ideal solo mount —wonderfully smooth acceleration and even flow of power.

Heavily Armored Police Car Is Immune To Bandit Bullets (May, 1935)

Heavily Armored Police Car Is Immune To Bandit Bullets

IT WOULD take the most daring bandit in the world to put a bullet through the new armored car built by an American manufacturer for police work in a foreign country— for in doing so, he would have to let the auto run over him and shoot up through the floorboards. In other words, the automobile is entirely bullet-proof.

The whole body is covered with a sheet of bullet-proof steel; the windows are of inch-thick, shatter-proof glass with rubber lined gun ports on the front, sides and rear.