A Mobile Home — The Latest Innovation (Oct, 1937)

A Mobile Home — The Latest Innovation

HIS home on wheels, mounted upon a 1-1/2-ton truck chassis, is the newest thing in the motor world.

This type of unit provides ample room within for complete equipment but is much more easily handled and parked than the regular trailers, inasmuch as it is unified.




PRESENT day methods of transit seem likely to be revolutionized by further development of the gyroscope. The invention of a new monorail car by E. W. Chalmers Kearney is a direct outgrowth of the Brennan gyroscope monorail.

Delivery Cars That Advertise (Feb, 1930)

Delivery Cars That Advertise

SOME unique delivery trucks and wagons are used by Los Angeles merchants, and one of the most odd is the car shown below.

Motorcycle Driven by Steam Operates Almost Noiselessly (May, 1936)

Motorcycle Driven by Steam Operates Almost Noiselessly

Silent except for a faint chug-chug at the start, a steam-driven motorcycle is in operation in Miami, Fla. It runs smoothly at one mile or fifty per hour, makes fifty miles per gallon of gasoline, kerosene or distillate and has no gears.

Five Noted Thinkers Explore the Future (Jul, 1976)

This is a particularly interesting to me because it was published in the month I was born.

In a lot of ways these people were exactly right about the problems of today, if not the will or ability of people to make the needed changes. Wealth inequality is getting worse, not better. There is a nascent back-to-the-cities movement, but suburbs, which are so environmentally wasteful, are still occupying ever larger swathes of the country. And people, or at least people in power still don’t care about reducing energy consumption.

We haven’t had the energy crunch they predicted yet, but climate change requires almost the same types of societal changes to combat and we just haven’t seen it.

Asimov nails the “global village” (internet) and instant communication with anyone at any time. Though for all my hyper-localized social media, I still don’t know the names of any of the people on my floor let alone the rest of my building.

I really liked Buckminster Fuller’s quote: “We have typewriters sleeping with the good plumbing and we have people sleeping in the slums.”. It does point out the glaring inefficiency if huge parts of our society. Say one thing about Foxconn, they don’t have this problem. It does seem wasteful to have all of this infrastructure that just sits idle at night.

Five Noted Thinkers Explore the Future

ARE the suburbs dead? Will there be an economic resurgence of our inner cities? Will larger and larger units of government take more and more control over land use? Is mankind in general entering an era of greater affluence, of new and different attitudes toward land ownership? Is the oil crisis a blessing in disguise?

Faster Service (Jan, 1946)

I just like the word “Shellubrication”

Faster Service is the idea behind this new streamlined service station, designed by Shell after surveying dealers and the public. The pump is scaled down to 54″ high, about two feet lower than the usual pump, so as not to obstruct customers’ view of display room. Sales recording device is at driver’s eye level. Hose is 18 feet long. Service room is designed for complete lubrication job by operator without his taking more than 6 steps from the car.

Jet Sub Fires Underwater Rockets (Aug, 1949)

I don’t know of any chemically propelled submarines that have ever been deployed, but the Nautilus, the first nuclear submarine, was completed about five years after this was published. The author is correct that Ballistic Missile Submarines did become a huge part of our strategic deterrent during the cold war.

Jet Sub Fires Underwater Rockets

Submarines can win a war, top military men say! So here’s the dope on our race for undersea supremacy.

By Frank Tinsley

THE lowly pig-boat of yesterday has become the capital ship of tomorrow! An American jet submarine, firing underwater rockets, might tilt the balance between victory and defeat in the event of a third world war.

Magic Carpet on the Water (Aug, 1956)

Magic Carpet on the Water

A NIFTY new device for seashore capers is the Water Skipper, a veritable magic carpet that will skim the surface at speeds up to 35 mph.

One operator and passenger can ride the small, sturdy and maneuverable boat. Constructed of marine plywood, the Skipper is four feet wide, seven feet long and seven inches thick.

21-Foot Motor Boat Resembling Pontoon Starts Long Pacific Journey (Feb, 1931)

21-Foot Motor Boat Resembling Pontoon Starts Long Pacific Journey

LONE trip from Santa Monica, Cal., to Honolulu in a novel boat built to resemble the pontoon of a well-known seaplane is the adventurous project of William Burgess, shown below with his unique craft. The boat is built of airplane plywood, and is controlled by an airplane type rudder, of which two-thirds of its area is above water. When Burgess is sleeping the craft will proceed under robot control. Forty m.p.h, is the estimated top speed of the Miss Ionia, as it is named.

Police Play Motor-Cycle Leapfrog (Oct, 1937)

Police Play Motor-Cycle Leapfrog

Playing leapfrog over a speeding motor cycle was the daring stunt performed by English police at a recent exhibition in London. Facing an oncoming motor cycle, the jumper spread his legs and vaulted over.