English Timetableria (Aug, 1935)

English Timetableria
Press a button for any trip you desire, and the proper timetable card drops out, in the Southern Railway station, London.


Toilet Kit for the Automobile (Aug, 1935)

Toilet Kit for the Automobile

Here is a toilet kit which you can build for your car, at a total expenditure of about $5.00. It will be found ideal for long: trips and also when it becomes necessary to change a tire on the road.

Underground Nests for War Airplanes (Feb, 1936)

Underground Nests for War Airplanes

THE next war, all agree, will be a war in the air; and the advantage will be with the force striking the first blow. Obviously, the attack will be made on the fixed air bases of the other army, since that will inflict most damage from a military point of view.

Mechanized St. Bernard (Jan, 1950)

Mechanized St. Bernard

A new breed of St. Bernard is making news for Steamboat Springs—a western Colorado winter resort—by rescuing skiers lost in the high Rockies. This latest hero of the snow, however, is not a canine but a cat—a novel, snow-traveling tractor invented and produced by Emmitt M. Tucker of Medford, Oregon, and known as the Sno-Cat.

WHAT TO INVENT (May, 1938)


In this installment of this series of articles, the author presents some new problems for inventors. The right solutions and subsequent exploitations should bring the designers wealth and fame.

By Raymond Francis Yates

DURING the two years that I have been writing this department for Mechanics and Handicraft, many hundreds of letters have been received from readers.

The New and Greater CHANDLER SIX – $1295 (Apr, 1916)

A Proven Mechanism

The New and Greater CHANDLER SIX – $1295

THE new Chandler bodies, the most beautiful of the season’s offerings, are attractive indeed. The New York and Chicago Show crowds admired, and purchased in great numbers, the new Chandler touring car and the new four-passenger roadster.

Ships Dock in Huge Mass of “Soap Bubbles” (Apr, 1960)

Ships Dock in Huge Mass of “Soap Bubbles”
Detergents from nearby factories make a foamy bed for ships at a lock in the River Neckar at Stuttgart, Germany. Factories deposit the detergents in already dirty water, making the river unfit for swimming. Fish cannot live in the water either.

Double Feature! (Apr, 1960)

First class used to be in back?

Double Feature!

TO ENTERTAIN passengers on their long nonstop international flights, TIA, a French airline, tried to install movies, but could not make them visible simultaneously on both sides of the partition that separates the tourist class from the first-class cabins.

Stratosphere Suit Tested in “Dry-Ice” Tank (Jun, 1934)

Testing suits for new environments can always be a bit dangerous. Here’s a pretty cool YouTube video of a guy testing a space suit who got exposed to vacuum. (he wasn’t injured)

Stratosphere Suit Tested in “Dry-Ice” Tank

How would you train for a flight to the stratosphere? Mark Ridge, Massachusetts aviator, who plans an airplane trip into the region of rare air and intense cold high above the earth, did it by entering a tank filled with carbonated ice to maintain it at a temperature of 110 degrees below zero, much colder than any temperature he will encounter in the stratosphere. He had a special suit made to protect him from the cold and intended to stay in the tank for half an hour to determine if the uniform would keep him warm. The cold did not bother him but he emerged after a brief stay because the fumes from the ice penetrated the mask he wore.

Eye Magnet / Mailbox / Water Walking (Nov, 1928)

How is that mailbox an improvement?

ONE of the latest developments in the field of medical science is the ring magnet. It is proving of great value in removing pieces of metal from the eye after an accident. Workers in various industries often suffer from flying pieces of metal striking the eye. To remove such small particles is often a delicate operation whose pain is greatly lessened through the use of this ingenious device.