Camera Records “Eye Interest” of Reader for Items on Page (Nov, 1953)

Camera Records “Eye Interest” of Reader for Items on Page

Researchers using an improved tool virtually look through the eyes of a reader to determine what interests him in advertising, art and reading material. Blinders or glasses cause him to move his head as he glances at different sections of a page. A small spotlight affixed to his head focuses a beam of light on a reproduction of the page just above the reading rack, in the identical area observed by the subject. A camera behind the subject, snapping at a constant speed of two frames per second, records the exact location, duration and sequence of every glance. The film is then read and analyzed. It shows time for each pause.

Obsolete Autos Utilized To Teach Safe Driving (Feb, 1937)

Obsolete Autos Utilized To Teach Safe Driving
A NOVEL and practical way of training high school students to be safe drivers has been developed at the Lane Technical School in Chicago, Ill. Obsolete autos are cut down until only the driver’s seat, brake, clutch and shifting lever controls remain. These are used as desks by the students.
The controls are wired to lamps mounted on a panel in the classroom which enables the instructor, William A. Sears, to check each student’s reaction to traffic situations flashed onto a motion picture screen. After this primary instruction, the students drive real cars over a $35,000 practice course featuring every type of lane, curve, grade, etc.

Machine Builds Muscles (Jul, 1939)

Machine Builds Muscles

THE young lady below is getting all the beneficial effects of rowing and riding from the machine on which she is exercising. It strengthens and stimulates muscles and internal organs.

Freak Roadside Stands Attract Patrons (Jun, 1938)

Latest in Mechanical Household Conveniences (Mar, 1933)

Personally, I love the catsup atomizer. My only concern is that catsup is just a tad more viscous than perfume, but nah, that won’t be a problem. The hand powered hand slicer looks like a ball as well.

Latest in Mechanical Household Conveniences

Reproducing the patting motions of famous Hollywood masseurs, this new vibrator keeps milady’s complexion smooth and clear. It also has many attachments for treatment of scalp and hair, and a buffer for polishing the teeth and massaging the gums which has been scientifically designed by a leading dental authority. A modulator on the motor scientifically adjusts the intensity of the vibrations for the individual complexion.

Catsup is easy to manipulate with this new sanitary dispenser. The cap, which fits over the top of the catsup bottle, is equipped with an exhaust pipe and a bulb. When you want catsup on your eats you simply point the exhaust pipe in the general direction of the grub and squeeze the bulb, whereupon a stream of the condiment shoots forth. This method eliminates the necessity of giving the bottle a severe shaking when the juice is desired.

MONEY in WORMS (Jul, 1955)

Make thousands of dollars raising- and selling fishworms and crickets—Start in backyard or basement—No odor—No experience necessary. Free Literature —No obligation. Write CARTER WORM RANCH, PLAINS, GEORGIA


I love this ad. They obviously couldn’t afford the more expensive vertical or square ads, so they just put the clock in sideways.

The sensible Red-i-Kut Way as thousands have for pleasure and profit. NEW lower
prices—smarter designs—Fine brass weight, beautiful Westminster, tube chime,
spring, electrics. Send Quarter today for simple blueprint. 60 Picture HOW Book.
KUEMPEL CHIME CLOCK CO., Bldg. A-7, Guttenberg. Iowa

Fan in Place of Light Bulb Makes Lamp Produce Breeze (Jan, 1955)

This is actually a really good idea. Most fans have really irritating and balky aiming mechanisms. Where can I buy one of these?

Fan in Place of Light Bulb Makes Lamp Produce Breeze

You can turn a desk lamp into a ventilating unit with a recent German invention. It’s a compact fan that screws into any light-bulb socket. The three propeller blades are plastic and the device comes in a variety of colors.

Metal Lungs Give Life (Jul, 1938)

Words I never thought I’d say: “Wow, that girl in the Iron Lung looks sexy!”

Metal Lungs Give Life

DEATH stands at the hospital bedside, waiting. Beneath the covers, a gasping youngster rights for breath. He is a’victim of infantile paralysis. Slowly, cruelly, the dreadful fingers of paralysis clutch at the chest muscles which pump the breath of life through his body. Soon those muscles will cease to function and the youngster will cease to breathe.

But death has not reckoned with the mechanical ingenuity of man.

Smog Helmet (Sep, 1949)

Helmet Helps Smog Study

The lady under this plastic headpiece is getting a dose of smog, made up of smoke and fog. Photoelectric cells attached to glassless goggles record blinks due to eye irritation. She reads a book to produce uniform reactions. The test is part of a study being made by Stanford Research Institute to find out more about the smog that often blots out Los Angeles’ sunshine.