Rariatrics… world’s most fabulous hobby (Aug, 1951)

Rariatrics… world’s most fabulous hobby

Here’s a pastime so unusual that only one person in the whole universe can practice it. And nobody has managed to do so yet.

By Lester David

IF you’ve got about $15 million to spare, here’s your chance to become the world’s first and only rariatrician!

What is a rariatrician? Well, don’t rush to your dictionary because you won’t find it there. In fact, we just invented the word. But, if there were such a creature as a rariatrician, he’d be the world’s Number One Hobbyist.

G.E. Heat Pump (May, 1952)

I once caught an air-conditioner thiiis big.

G.E. Heat Pump
A far cry from old-time heating methods is the G.E. packaged heat pump that either heats or cools house

They Still Cut Ice the Old Way (Dec, 1947)

They Still Cut Ice the Old Way

HARVEST time is approaching on the Black River at Carthage, N. Y., where the New York Central Railroad still cuts an annual crop of natural ice. It will cool next summer’s milk cars, passengers’ drinking water, and be used in cabooses for the convenience of freight-train crews.

Tool Kit Fits Pocket (Apr, 1948)

It’s like a crappy Swiss Army Knife.

Tool Kit Fits Pocket. Here’s a collection of handy small tools that you can carry in a pocket, all of them made of high-carbon cutlery steel. A product of Tool-master, of New York, the kit includes a screwdriver, awl or ice pick, bottle opener, corkscrew, hammer or ice crusher, knife, can opener, auger, and saw.

I Can Your Catch for Cash (Aug, 1951)

I Can Your Catch for Cash

My game-fish-canning idea is now a big business. Sportsmen say ii answers every fisherman’s prayer.

By Phillip Thurmond as told to Lee Edson

THERE may be fishermen who duck at the sight of a game warden but I’m not one of them. Wardens are my best friends. In fact, I wouldn’t be in my present unusual business if it hadn’t been for the imagination and encouragement of the marine warden of Eureka, California.

MORTON BODFISH – bank-collecting banker (Aug, 1951)

MORTON BODFISH – bank-collecting banker

CHICAGO boasts of a banker who not only works at banking, but plays at it, too. He is Morton Bodfish, Chairman of the Board of the First Savings and Loan Association, and his leisure-time hobby is bank collecting . . . penny banks which have inspired thrift in young and old throughout our nation’s history.

NEW in SCIENCE (Nov, 1950)

Sadly, the University of Chicago no longer offers a B.S. in Monkey Railroad Engineering.


Airborne Teletypewriter, securely latched to this paratrooper, will jump with him when he hits the silk from a C-82 transport plane. Safely landed in the field of combat, he can quickly set it up and type out messages that will go over radio or wire circuits carrying front information to headquarters. The new lightweight teletypewriter is one of many new items being perfected to make our army world’s best.

Your Most Dangerous Times (Oct, 1956)

The illustrations make me think of an anti-depressant commercial.

Your Most Dangerous Times

Be on your guard, for certain days, hours and months are more perilous than others.

By Lester David

SCIENTIFIC investigations are disclosing some astonishing information about your most dangerous—and safest—times. Studies by sociologists, public health experts, accident statisticians and other authorities are revealing that certain days, hours, months and seasons are more perilous than others.

One of the strange discoveries is that crimes against the person—murders and assorted kinds of aggravated assault— explode with greater frequency at almost specific times during the day, week or year.

Swords for the Atomic Age (Dec, 1955)

Every headline sounds better if you stick the word “Atomic” in it. Even if you’re talking about a centuries old technique for making swords.

Swords for the Atomic Age

Wilkinson blades gleamed at Waterloo and Balaclava and are still being made for military ceremonies.

IF YOU need a sword the place to get it is Wilkinson’s Sword Company, London (Est. 1772). Wilkinson’s makes dress and ceremonial swords for the military of Britain, Canada and the U.S. The big two-handed Stalingrad sword Churchill presented to Stalin at Teheran was forged at Wilkinson’s. Keen and well-tempered as the old fighting weapon, the dress sword is judged chiefly for its beauty of workmanship and the way the embossing on the blade tells the story of a regiment or of a glorious martial event.

His Knees Are His Fortune (Oct, 1949)

Up until I actually read the article I thought those were animal legs.

Tom passed away in 1998.

His Knees Are His Fortune

By Frank Rose

THOMAS Gaskins of Palmdale, Fla., spends a good part of his time looking for unusual knees—and his wife doesn’t mind a bit! In fact, she encourages him.

However, the knees he’s seeking are not the Grable-type that adorn the female form. They’re the exotic growths that spring up from the roots of the cypress tree.

It all started back in 1934. Gaskins was fed up with his job as salesman for a chemical company. He wanted a business of his own, but he couldn’t hit upon anything that suited his limited capital.