The Miracle of the BAR BELLS (Jul, 1952)

The Miracle of the BAR BELLS

Within the past few years more than three million muscle-mad males have taken the weightlifting way toward keeping fit.

By Morris Hall

AN astonishing wave of elbow-bending is sweeping the country these days. And the surprising fact is that those who indulge regularly become trim physical specimens!

Artist Makes Pasteboard Masks (Jan, 1935)

Artist Makes Pasteboard Masks

A NEW sculptor’s medium has been devised by Stanislaw Raczinsky, Polish artist, who utilizes colored pasteboard, skillfully cut and clipped together, to make striking, modernistic masks.

Acid Etching Now Used in Novel Way to Make Dainty Glassware (Dec, 1930)

Acid Etching Now Used in Novel Way to Make Dainty Glassware

Glittering modernistic patterns in pressed glassware, in the form of goblets and vases, are now on the market. The photographs on this page, taken recently in the workshop of a Paris glass-maker, show how such pieces are made.

Sand, the raw material of glass, is melted at a temperature of 1,100 degrees centigrade. In this molten state, it is dropped into a mold that has been carefully designed by artists. A press descends and then rises immediately. The shaped piece is removed from the mold and baked. After it has cooled it is examined for imperfections and if flawless, it is polished on a rotary wheel. Parts that are to remain transparent are coated with Judean tar. Acid makes exposed parts opaque.

The Fuel Cell – electricity from air… (Feb, 1960)

The Fuel Cell – electricity from air…

The life blood of electronics—electricity—is now being concocted directly from gaseous fuels.

THERE’S a- fuel cell in your future. Dozens of scientists and engineers all over the world are racing to perfect this new way—that is also one of the oldest ways—of making electricity.

I’d like to see them make (Nov, 1946)

Yes, the big advantage of voice recognition is that it allows you more time to sexually harass your secretary.

I’d like to see them make

Cartoons by SYD LANDI

Everybody has his own pet idea of some gadget he would like to see in general use. What is YOURS? Popular Science Monthly will pay five dollars for every such suggestion that its editors decide to publish.



Ladders as means of escape from a burning building may be replaced by a portable elevator invented by M.E. Hayman, a member of the Portland, Ore., fire department. In case of a fire, the elevator is rushed to the scene and by hand or motor power it is raised in front of the desired window.

Inventions New and Interesting (Nov, 1928)

Inventions New and Interesting

This new fan-shaped rake has prongs of tempered, flexible steel that are rigid enough for raking and springy enough for sweeping. Grass is not torn up from the lawn and leaves do not clog the steel prongs.—Master Mfg. Co., 138 Davis Ave., Dayton, Ohio.

Unpuzzling Color (May, 1938)

Unpuzzling Color

Color Names Cause Confusion… A New System is Being Developed to Bring About Definite Standards… Like Sections of Grapefruit


IN an age when science reproduces with dazzling accuracy the myriad colors of nature, we are inclined to take color for granted. Until related colors are examined closely, side by side, or until someone disagrees with us over the description of a color, we do not worry much about color names. After all, “what’s in a name?”




HE thrills of pleasure that came to us in our childhood, as we gazed at the ever changing beauties of the kaleidoscope are vividly recalled to our memory by a recent achievement in electric sign construction.

Hobbyists’ Workbench Folds to Suitcase Size (Mar, 1948)

Hobbyists’ Workbench Folds to Suitcase Size

Model hobbyists now can fold up their benches and equipment and take them out into ‘the field during model tests and trials. Weighing only 11 pounds empty, a combination tool kit and workbench made of aluminum folds to the size of a large suitcase.