Cluster Bomb For Uncle Sam (Jun, 1941)

Cluster Bomb For Uncle Sam

JACOB BAKER, inventor of Cleveland, Ohio, holds a quarter-size model of his “cluster bomb,” blueprints and plans of which he has sent to Washington to offer for his country’s defense. Baker says the six small bombs are released from the larger bombs, thus creating more widespread damage.

I Drove A Nazi Tank (Nov, 1941)

Every time I see the word maneuver I think of this.

I Drove A Nazi Tank

by Ernst Freiherr von Jungenfeld
German Tank Corps Commander
(The following remarkable story, containing an eyewitness account of the first actual tank battle ever staged, is translated from the “Berliner Illustriete Zeitung.” Although written from an obviously German viewpoint, it is published because of its highly instructive value to all students of mechanized warfare—The Editor.)

IT IS May 9, 1940.

We get our orders at five o’clock in the afternoon to be ready to roll in six hours. At first, we thought it was just for manoeuvres, but this time it is the real thing—and, at 11 p.m., we start to move!

Bombproof Plane Factories ROLL INTO MOUNTAIN SIDE (May, 1941)

Wouldn’t it be easier to just build the factory in the mountain and leave it there?

Bombproof Plane Factories ROLL INTO MOUNTAIN SIDE

Raid Shelters for Assembly Plants: A Swiss Inventor’s Solution to the Problem of Protecting Production AIRPLANE FACTORIES that literally run to shelter from raiding bombers have been invented by Antoine Gazda, noted Swiss armament designer, and erected at undisclosed places in Switzerland by the Pilatus aircraft concern as a national-defense precaution. A typical installation consists of a pair of twin assembly plants, normally standing in the open where their total of 360 workers enjoy natural sunshine and fresh air.

Drafting The Sun for Defense! (Jun, 1941)

Drafting The Sun for Defense!

SUPPOSE magicians could be stationed at strategic points along the borders or coast of a country at war. Then when enemy battleships, submarines or bombers came within five miles, the magicians could mumble a few magic words, and presto!— the invaders would be blown to bits by their own explosives!

AIR-TO-GROUND TV SYSTEM Transmits Combat Pictures on FM (May, 1956)

AIR-TO-GROUND TV SYSTEM Transmits Combat Pictures on FM

Airborne military television crams a self-contained transmitting station into a small reconnaissance plane, then flies this ever-moving station over unpredictable terrain. Taking these adverse conditions into account, Admiral developed an extremely compact television system which uses FM transmission for the picture.

“ADOLPH, did you mean it?” (Dec, 1942)

“ADOLPH, did you mean it?”

Less than four short years ago you inserted this travel ad in one of our finest magazines.

Remember it? You actually invited us. Now, take a good look at that convoy on one of the sea lanes, crossing the Atlantic … to Germany. The air lanes are open, too.

And we, Adolph, are doing our utmost to produce a sufficient amount of materiel* so that our “travellers” will not disappoint you.

* Typical users of UTC materiel are… RCA, G.E., Western Electric, Westinghouse, Bendix, Farnsworth, IBM, Philco, etc…



France Builds World’s Greatest Defense System (Mar, 1931)

That sure worked out well…

France Builds World’s Greatest Defense System

In spite of the recent peace treaties and disarmament conferences, Europe is preparing for war. This article describes the French reaction to current peace talk.

NOT since the ancient Mongols erected the great Chinese wall more than two thousand years ago, has any nation conceived so gigantic a system of defensive fortifications as is now under construction on the eastern frontier of France and Belgium.

We Could Learn FROM A NAZI SLAVE – We Motorists! (Jun, 1942)

Remember to always pay close attention when a Nazi enslaved zombie Frankenstein gives you car care tips, or you could end up just like them!

We Could Learn FROM A NAZI SLAVE – We Motorists!

They can give us some worth-while pointers … those Greeks and Danes and Frenchmen … Serbs and Czechs and Poles … who once were proud, free men like ourselves.

They never had cars —most of them —even before the Horror came. They don’t know about brakes or batteries or tires. But they do know things we haven’t yet learned.

They do know about tanks . . . that turned peaceful village streets into nightmares of blood and fear and death. They know about dive bombers … that filled the night with the light of burning homes and the cries of slaughtered children. They know the cost… in pain and shame and misery… of holding freedom too lightly or defending it too late.

Mechanics of Killing (Apr, 1948)

Mechanics of Killing

From the first torture rack to the latest gas chamber, science has transformed the criminal’s execution from a human butchery into a skilled profession.

BY Lester David

WHEN the world was younger, the law’s method of exacting an eye for an eye and a life for a life was crude. Today the mechanics of executions have been made both deadly and scientific.

Not so always! In ancient Rome a condemned man, clad only in a loin cloth, was shoved by his executioner into a large sack. Into the sack also was placed a dog, a rooster and a poisonous snake. The writhing bundle was hurled into a swamp, and the execution had been carried out.

Radio-Controlled Rockets for the NEXT WAR (Apr, 1931)

Radio-Controlled Rockets for the NEXT WAR

ADVANCES in the perfection of radio control for airplanes, tanks, and battleships have made it practically certain that the next war will see the use of these fearsome weapons of destruction in actual combat. Latest of the radio-controlled death-dealing devices is the explosive rocket depicted on this month’s cover of Modern Mechanics and Inventions, now being secretly developed.