Deadly WEAPONS of the NEXT WAR (Dec, 1929)

Deadly WEAPONS of the NEXT WAR


Anti-aircraft guns capable of firing 25 3-inch shells a minute, bringing down bombers miles in the heavens; range-finding mechanisms which determine an airplane’s position so accurately that they in effect make anti-aircraft guns self-aiming; amazing armored tanks which travel 70 miles an hour—these are only a few of the astonishing new war machines developed by army experts ready for deadly service in the next war.

Is America the Naval Disarmament Goat (Aug, 1930)

Is America the Naval Disarmament Goat


When the big guns roar again for the next war, will America discover that her navy has been made a second-rate one by the terms of the disarmament treaty recently executed by the “Big Five” powers? Mr. Miller tells here just what the treaty means to national defense in terms of battleships, cruisers, and big guns.

Uncle Sam’s Amazing Warship of the Sky (Sep, 1931)

Uncle Sam’s Amazing Warship of the Sky


(Vice President and Chief Engineer, Goodyear Zeppelin Corp.)

The biggest airship in the world, an amazing structure which is veritably a flying battleship, is practically finished and ready for test flights by the U. S. Navy, The man who supervised the design of this warship of the sky reveals here the fascinating mechanical details of its construction.

ABOUT the time this article appears in print the largest lighter-than-air ship ever built—the 6,500,000 cubic feet Akron will be walked out of the world’s largest airship dock, or hangar, for its initial trial flight.

When the Akron takes to the air, the dream of Count Zeppelin—a super-airship capable of taking its place in world commerce—will have been realized. Not that the Akron is such a ship, for it is purely a military craft, a sort of flying battleship, built for scouting work with the fleet at sea, but it contains within it all the essentials which the coming trans-oceanic air liners will need, save actual passenger compartments.

In today’s world… What does it take to feel like a man? (Dec, 1962)

In today’s world… What does it take to feel like a man?

It takes action to feel like a man. Takes pride, too, and good, skillful training. Join the modern Army’s Combat Arms program and you’ll have all three.

Pride ? In Combat Arms it makes no difference whether you select Infantry, Armor, or Artillery. You’ll be proud of any one of them. And you’ll end up proud of yourself, too.

Eight Wheeled Armored Car Is Equipped With Wireless (Jun, 1931)

Eight Wheeled Armored Car Is Equipped With Wireless

THE Tank Corps of the British army has recently adopted an armored car which is equipped with eight wheels and a long distance wireless sending and receiving set.

The Secret Keepers (Aug, 1962)

The Secret Keepers

The latest methods of radio communications defy detection by any listener —friend or foe


MOST radio communications systems are like “party lines”—anyone can listen in. But electronics scientists have been working overtime to come up with the equivalents, radio-wise, for the more desirable (and costly) “private lines.” Their objective: to allow our military and government officials to transmit secret information on the air with the full assurance that it can be “received” only by those listeners it is intended for.

Build Your Future in a Prime Weapons System Project… (Mar, 1956)

Guided Missile Engineers and Scientists

Build Your Future in a Prime Weapons System Project….

The SM-64 Navaho Intercontinental Guided Missile

North American Aviation has prime weapons system responsibility for the SM-64 NAVAHO. This missile program is one of our country’s largest, most important armament projects … a vital part of future defense planning . . . offering you long-term security, plus the opportunity to enrich your experience and capabilities in many advanced scientific and technical fields.

We Are in Peril! (Nov, 1953)

Will the desperate men in the Kremlin attack?

By 1954 Russia will be strong enough to do so.

That is why our former Air Force chief states:

We Are in Peril!


ON MARCH 6, 1953, I appeared before the Armed Forces Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee of the House of Representatives. The purpose of my appearance there was to introduce the Air Force budget for the fiscal year 1954. The budget introduced at that time was designed to continue the buildup toward the 143-wing air force goal which had been fixed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, approved by the Department of



Like to make the jump from civilian to officer in one step? MPs editors listened unbelievingly to Army ads and then sent their correspondent to check. Here’s the inside story he brought hack from Fort Riley.

By George Scullin

YOU’RE walking down the street and a big-business man stops you. “How’d you like to join my organization as a junior executive?” he asks.

Portable Radios for U. S. Cavalry (Sep, 1931)

Portable Radios for U. S. Cavalry
THE latest in portable radio receivers and transmitters has been developed by Signal Corps engineers for use by the U. S. Cavalry. The antenna is strung on a short mast, while the instruments are carried on the saddle, as illustrated below.