Century Old Lady Robot Writes Letters, Draws Pictures (Feb, 1933)

Century Old Lady Robot Writes Letters, Draws Pictures

ROBOTS are not strictly a modern invention. At the left is seen “Miss Automaton,” a robot doll over a hundred years old. When a motor is geared to its mechanism, which is located under the table, the doll writes letters and draws pictures with a pen which it holds in its right hand. In the photo she is seen drawing a ship for the amazement and amusement of spectators.

“Miss Automaton” now reposes in the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, and is the gift of John W. Brock, of Philadelphia, whose father, John Penn Brock, bought the doll in 1870 in France.

  1. Jonquil says: May 8, 200811:19 am

    Note that “Miss Automaton” is actually a Maillardet automaton originally made as a soldier boy.

    Here’s a current link to the restored automaton.

  2. Neil Russell says: May 8, 20087:02 pm

    Jonquil — that was an interesting update to the automaton story. Particularly the videos of the thing in action.
    Amazing what they could do all those years ago with brass and ingenuity.

  3. Benzene says: May 9, 20086:58 am

    Memory on spinning disks has been the standard for over 200 years.

  4. Amanda says: January 6, 20107:23 pm

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