Ceramizing For Pleasure or Profit (Jan, 1952)

“Let me show you how to make all these beautiful objects of art, giftwares, and costume jewelry at home in spare time”


Make as much as $5 for one hour’s work

Yes, I’ll send this book to you free. It tells all about one of the most astonishing discoveries of recent years. Shows how 56c worth of material can be turned into a $5.00 profit. Shows how to make “something from nothing.” A handful of twigs is transformed into a gorgeous coral-like necklace — a stunning dresser-box is made from a penny’s worth of rice and a few navy beans — a metal-like lapel pin from a live leaf. You need no knowledge of design —no artistic training. The countless forms of nature provide designs. Ceramizing can be learned in a few minutes by even a child. It’s an activity in which the entire family can take part. It’s a fascinating hobby that makes friends marvel at your artistic ability —yet it’s so profitable that it can be turned into a big money business, operated from your home. Many men find in Ceramizing the opportunity to establish a spare time home business without sacrificing job or paycheck — and gain confidence for the future in knowing that at any time they can expand into full time work — taking profits from three different branches of the business. Women, too, find in Ceramizing a satisfying expression of their creative gifts —both as a hobby and as a means of making extra money. One big advantage is that no costly equipment or tools are needed. I show you how and where to get the few materials necessary at low cost.

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