Chameleons by Mail (Nov, 1934)



Watch it change its color!

Get one of these most wonderful of all creatures. Watch it change Its color. Study its habits. Wear one on the lapel of your coat as a curiosity. Watch it shoot out its tongue as it catches flies and in-sects for food. No trouble to keep. Can go for months without food. Measures about 4 inches in length. Shipped to any address In U. S. A. by mail. We guarantee safe arrival and live delivery. PRICE 25 CENTS.

  1. Neil Russell says: December 22, 20079:16 am

    Even at a quarter a pop I have a fortune in these little guys in the yard. I remember when I was a kid a very similar ad would be in Boys’ Life every month. Although by that time they stopped calling them Chameleons and called them Anoles.
    Probably the legal team from the Chameleon Union got involved.

    On a side note, I was in Florida a few years back and the green anoles were being replaced by an all brown variety that are a lot more aggressive. I expect to see them here in south Georgia one of these days

  2. MC says: December 22, 20075:14 pm

    Yes, Anolis carolinensis is being displaced from central Florida by Anolis sagrei, which is uglier and meaner. I’m from Valdosta, Ga., originally, where Anolis carolinensis is very common. In 1973 I moved to Athens, Ga., but don’t recall seeing many anoles here until the 1990s. Now I see them almost every day in my yard in warm weather. Anything that eats mosquitoes is my friend!

  3. TheBloodLine says: August 27, 20083:21 pm

    in this add it says watch it shoot out its tongue… Anoles cant do that, pluse Anoles change from green to brown and cant change to any other color unless sick, so they where not replaced. Anoles are also called american Chameleons they are not Chameleons but they are in the same lizerd family. So study this info before you put more false info on the web Neil.

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