Chandelier From Auto Wheel (Jan, 1933)

The logical successor to the Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Chandelier From Auto Wheel
A SERVICEABLE chandelier for the cabin or camp can be made from a discarded auto wheel, as shown in the photo below. Insert a length of electric light wire through the holes drilled in the rim of the wheel to receive the bolts which hold the tire rim on. Ordinary electric light sockets are then screwed to the rim and wired up in the usual way, spaced to suit your taste. A hole is punched through the hub cap and a socket inserted therefor the center light. As shown in the photo, seven bulbs are easily accommodated.

  1. otedawg says: August 7, 20083:44 pm

    They had rednecks in 1933 – Although they were more sophisticated then.

  2. Al Bear says: August 7, 20088:29 pm

    Cool! now the page opens to reply without getting the error on IE6! Now to say what I wanted to yesterday.

    I want to make one of those to put in my grand dining room! It’ll be a 22″ shiny spinning dub! heck yeah! It’ll be the envy of my hood’ 😉

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