Chase & Sanborn Coffee: You hear a bigger whoosh. (Oct, 1955)

That is a really weird ampersand they use. The OCR software thought it was a £ and I can see why.

You hear a bigger whoosh.

You smell a fresher aroma.

You taste an extra richness.

Why? Because Chase & Sanborn “Dome Top” Coffee is fresher than any other leading brand. It’s the only one that’s pressure packed. And pressure packing preserves coffee freshness and flavor better than vacuum cans or bags.

Chase & Sanborn Coffees are served by more fine hotels and restaurants throughout America than any other brand.
Now! Chase & Sanborn’s Delicious Flavor— yours in the NEW FULL-BODIED INSTANT

First instant coffee so full-bodied it makes truly satisfying breakfast coffee!
Chase & Sanborn


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  1. Charlene says: May 21, 201210:08 am

    Similar ampersands can be seen at this page. I think it’s easier to see the origin of & as a ligature of “et” in this form.

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