Children Conduct Traffic Courts (Nov, 1937)

Something about this picture gives me the willies. Maybe it’s the serious expression on the “judges” face, but I just feel like something bad is about to happen.

Children Conduct Traffic Courts
School children conduct a dozen unique traffic courts in Hamtramck, Mich. Pupils who violate safety rules by jaywalking, hitching auto rides, or crossing streets against the lights, are given tickets and must appear before the student judges. If found guilty, they are penalized by losing some of their privileges or by being given extra work to do. As a result of the scheme, this city of 50,000 inhabitants has established a remarkable record for safety among children of school age.

  1. Githyanki says: August 27, 20074:51 am

    I like it!! This should still be going on for all school children.

  2. Jim Dunn says: August 27, 200711:23 am

    Who cares about the traffic court? You’re totally missing the REAL story here, which is the earth-shattering jellyometer. Really, could modern society have advanced without this breakthrough? I think not.

  3. Village Idiot says: August 27, 200711:30 am

    I’ve long advocated that a way to reduce some kinds of crime, especially the really stupid kinds that often are the result of too much alcohol, would be to try adults as juveniles (for the social stigma/humiliation of it all). Even better would be if the court was overseen by children- imagine getting chewed out and then punished by a 12 year old for your irresponsible behavior!

  4. Charlie says: August 27, 200711:33 am

    VI: I agree, that would be awesome.

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