Child’s Scooter Folds Compactly for Storage (Nov, 1938)

Child’s Scooter Folds Compactly for Storage

Coasters and scooters often take up more space than the average apartment dweller is willing to sacrifice. Here is one that can be reduced to a small bulk in a jiffy so that it can be stored from one season to the next or squeezed into a small corner when not in use. The small hinge on the base is mounted so that it will fold back on itself, while the one on the upright should have the pin knocked out and a long slender bolt with a thumb screw substituted for easy dismantling. If the half of the large hinge which is screwed to the base is bent up slightly, the upright board will lie flat when the brace board is removed.

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  1. Stannous says: August 20, 20077:50 pm

    Anybody else picturing Michael J Fox ripping the upright off that kid’s scooter and turning it into a skateboard in “Back to the Future”?

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