Chimneys Blow Smoke Rings (Feb, 1934)

Chimneys Blow Smoke Rings

To add an unusual touch to these Orvieto, Italy, chimneys, they were constructed on spiral lines so that the smoke comes out of them in graceful curves and rings.

  1. Don says: February 27, 20086:26 am

    I want to see the SMOKE RINGS! And GRACEFUL CURVES!!

    Oh. It doesn’t really work that way? Nevermind . . . .

  2. gianfranco says: February 27, 20086:55 am

    Maybe the chimneys lines are reminiscent of the famous helical double stairs inside the St. Patrick Well, an enormous reservoir built in the XVI century when the seiges were commonplace. The stairs runs around the shaft and are big enough to allow the passage of mules used for transporting the water to the surface.…

  3. David says: February 28, 20083:45 pm

    Its probably not the smoke being twisted because it went through the twisted chimney (OK, it isn’t at all), its probably the surrounding airflow being perturbed by the shape, and the smoke of course follows the airflow. Assuming the smoke ever did act that way.

    With no wind, the smoke would go straight up out of those chimneys.


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