Chin Plate Stops Mouth Breathing (Dec, 1936)

Chin Plate Stops Mouth Breathing

AN ADJUSTABLE chin plate has been developed by Oliver Lowry, Meridian, Miss., which, if worn at night while sleeping, eliminates mouth breathing, the principal cause of “whistling” and snoring. The device consists of a padded metal plate that fits the contour of the lower jaw. Adjustable elastic bands insure a satisfactory fit. Two small ribbons that run around the neck are needed when the device is worn by persons having short, stubby chins.

  1. Charlene says: February 1, 20124:06 am

    That’ll stop snoring – who could sleep while wearing that thing?

  2. BrianC says: February 1, 201210:28 am

    At least it’s adaptable for people with short, stubby chins. They always get left behind.

  3. Hirudinea says: February 1, 201211:21 am

    And form the looks of it, it also stops procreation.

  4. Nomen Nescio says: February 1, 20124:51 pm

    resembles the headgear of a CPAP mask a little bit. except, y’know, without all the bits that make a CPAP actually work to reduce snoring and improve breathing while asleep.

  5. Steve Smith says: February 1, 20125:19 pm

    What goes around comes around. I see ads for these things all over Facebook.


  6. Avikno says: February 2, 20126:22 pm

    Actually, Charlene, I wear one to bed. I use a CPAP machine with a nasal pillow and the strap keeps my mouth shut to allow breathing through my nose. Otherwise, the air would go into the nose and out the mouth instead of into the lungs.

  7. Toronto says: February 2, 20127:23 pm

    After Googling “Nasal Pillow” I have to wonder why they’re called that. They don’t look comfortable.

    But I’m glad they work for you, Avikno. I’ll file that away.

  8. Charlie says: February 3, 201210:54 am

    I also use a CPAP machine, but for whatever reason, when I’m wearing the mask it causes me to only breathe through my nose. The machine is actually pretty smart, it can detect if you breathe through your mouth and will show you on the display how many events you had during the night.

  9. Jari says: February 3, 201211:30 am

    Nasal pillows do look uncomfortable… I have a nasal mask in my CPAP machine. Unfortunately I myself don’t have an access to the data that the machine collects, but last time my doctor said, that there wasn’t anything that needs attention. Humidifier is a must up here during the wintertime.

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