Chinese Magic (Dec, 1930)

Nothing says “Chinese Magic” like the Tarbell System!

Chinese Magic
Learn at Home, By Mail! Easily! Quickly!

NOW! — if you act quick!— you can learn magic, real professional magic, direct from the world-famous magic wizard, Dr. Harlan Tarbell, the man who has trained many of our most prominent magicians. He has developed a new simple course, that enables any man or woman who can read or write to learn magic—easily.and quickly, at home, by mail. Why envy others? Make them envy YOU! Learn magic!

Tarbell System, Inc.,studio 23-59
1926 Sunnystde Ave., Chicago, Ill.

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  1. Firebrand38 says: January 6, 20087:58 am

    Well, actually Harlan Tarbell was a pretty famous magician in his time: http://www.conjuringlig…

    He had authored the Tarbell magic course… among other things…

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