That’s a really nifty way to pump water!

Adapting an Oriental idea for raising water for his own needs and to irrigate his fields, a California farmer has constructed the curious apparatus shown in the accompanying photographs. Power from a windmill, transmitted through gears, revolves a spiral-shaped tube of pipe open at both ends. The outside end dips into a water-filled ditch at each revolution. Water is thus picked up, and runs by gravity around the spiral to the hub as the wheel revolves. An opening in the hub dis-charges the water into a trough four feet above the level in the ditch, giving a sufficient lift for the irrigation purposes desired.

  1. Skipweasel says: October 18, 20072:40 pm

    It’s an un-wound Archimedes’ screw.

  2. anwar says: October 29, 200810:40 am

    I am a science teacher from India.Our school science fare is decided to start at Nov 4.For this purpose we made a windmill and a water pump.But our windmill waterpump mechanism failed. Sir please send the detailed mechanism of windmill waterpump to us.

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  3. El Sayed Abdel Basier says: April 4, 20119:13 pm

    I am a mechanical Engineer, Egyptain, I got Master degree of science in mechanical Engineering in 2005 in hydraulic. My Master research was under name ” Coil Pump Design and Performance”. I designed and constructed a coil pump driven by the natural water stream velocity and studied the changing of the variable parameters affecting on the coil pump performance. Many theses were published for me in “coil pump” in 9th, 10th water international technolgy conferences. Another these was published later in 2008 in the coil pump in the scientific journal which has the name “International review of Mechanical Engineering”.

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  4. Reza says: August 10, 20116:32 am

    I am an electrical engineer from US. I am very much intersted to see a picture and an explanation of how the water pump works to get the water up to the ground level. Would you please post it on your website


  5. JMyint says: August 10, 20117:04 am

    Reza, if you would look closely this type of pump works from a reservoir above ground. It does not pump water out of the ground but from ponds and streams.

  6. jayessell says: August 10, 20117:14 am

    It looks like the entire @ shaped pipe rotates counterclockwise,
    dipping the outermost pipe (at the 12 o’clock position)
    open end first into the water and then after two revoultions
    delivering that water to the center where it exits.

    Low pressure, intermittant. Not much lift (head?) but with
    steady winds from one direction I suppose it would work.

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