Chopper Checkup At the Zoo (Nov, 1954)

Chopper Checkup At the Zoo

DESPITE the wonderful pain-killing techniques developed recently in the field of dentistry, most people are still frightened to death by the very thought of having their teeth checked. One dentist, however, who is usually more wary of his patients than they are of him is Dr. C. P. Gandal of New York’s Bronx Zoo.

Zoo Dr. C. P. Gandal removes food particles thai have accumulated between the incisor teeth of a camel named Tracy. Keeper Joseph Schiller helps.

Now here’s a baby who could really get a king-sized toothache. But fortunately for Susana. the elephant, she is just getting a routine check.

Even with his long fangs bared this little Sapajou monkey looks cute and docile. And why not? The Doc is just cleaning tartar off his teeth.

“Open wide, now!” Dr. Gandal coaxes the baby female hippo. Phoebe, to spread her huge jaws. Believe it or not her mouth is in tip-top shape.

Here a damaged tooth is being removed from the upper jaw of a small American alligator. Amazingly, a brand-new one will grow in its place.

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  1. Hirudinea says: June 11, 20121:28 pm

    But how do you get the animals to floss?

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