Chops Wood With Steel Hands (Jul, 1934)

Chops Wood With Steel Hands

DELICATE but powerful are the steel hands made by Andrew A. Gawley and his blind father. Though both arms were amputated thirty-two years ago in an accident, Gawley has learned to use his artificial arms to such an extent that today he earns his own living as a machinist.

He can dress himself, tie his shoe laces, use a knife and fork skillfully, and even break stones with his powerful hands. Wood chopping is easy for him, for his steel fingers grip tighter than human fingers.

  1. Anonymous says: October 4, 201110:30 am


  2. qyooqy says: October 4, 20116:42 pm

    Anonymous, I was thinking the same thing……

  3. Alex McDonald says: October 19, 20111:57 pm

    What’s awesome is that I’m related to him!
    Just ask for proof if you must!

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