Dual High Gears …


Two distinctly different high gears for distinctly different uses—one “high” for sprinting ahead of everything in traffic and for quiet, easy speed up any hill, another “high” for the wide open spaces.

Dual High performance and the further advantage of a quick and quiet gear shift are both made possible by an exclusive Multi-Range 4-Speed transmission designed to give the full utility of Chrysler Straight Eight power.

Dual High performance gives the new Chrysler Straight Eights a tremendous advantage.

Makes them invincible in getaway. Makes them incomparably faster in picking up speed. Makes them smoother and more flexible at all speeds.

The new Chrysler Straight Eights are styled with a distinguished grace and smartness. An extremely low center of gravity serves to enhance beauty as well as to increase safety by the better balance of low-swung weight.

Study these cars; drive them; compare them; consider them from every standpoint, as critically as you please—the new Chrysler Straight Eights with Multi-Range transmission are the outstanding motor cars of the times.

Chrysler Eight— Coupe [with rumble seat) $1495; Sedan $1525; Convertible Coupe $1665; Roadster $1495. Six wire wheels, $80 extra. Sport Roadster (including six wire wheels and trunk rack) $1595. Chrysler Imperial Eight—5-Pass. Sedan $2745; Close-Coupled Sedan $2845; 7-Pass. Sedan $2945; Sedan-Limousine $3145.

Imperial Custom Eight, bodies designed by LeBaron—Coupe $3150; Roadster $3220; Convertible Coupe $3320; Phaeton $3575. F.O.B. Factory.

Chrysler Eight and Chrysler Imperial Eight dosed cars are factory-wired for immediate installation of Transitone, the pioneer automobile radio. Other models will be equipped on order.

  1. Hirudinea says: July 10, 20126:49 pm

    From this to K-Cars!? How did that happen?

  2. Toronto says: July 10, 20127:40 pm

    I was salivating at the price until I remembered my Grandfather bought a house – a nice large brick one – for $4,000.

  3. JMyint says: July 11, 20128:06 am

    The $1525 for the 5 passenger sedan would be about $23,000 today, or about the base price of a New Chrysler 300. And There was nothing wrong with K-Car as I drove an Aries K station wagon for a number of years until my wife traded it for a Ford Aerostar which was a POS.

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