cigarette-case camera (Feb, 1947)

cigarette-case camera

by Max Spitalny

YOU’VE said a hundred times, “Oh if I only had a camera with me!” Raymond La Rose, veteran Hollywood cameraman and incurable inventor, said it too. He said it often. He said it so often he got tired of saying it: he got busy. He ended by turning out a snapshot camera hardly larger than a cigarette case—so small one can carry it ready but unnoticed in the pocket at all times, and so well designed that it takes excellent pictures.

He uses a fixed-focus lens, a copy of the Grubb idea, made of modern glass specially ground by modern techniques to his own specifications. The lens is color corrected and highly sensitive. Each one is minutely adjusted to the camera it’s used in, to insure optimum focus.

The Micro 16 uses a 16-mm. film cartridge of 12 or 24 frames, which gives that many pictures. Loading is easily done, in the daylight by just dropping the film cartridge into its well.

Sharp enlargements up to 2-1/2 by 3-1/4 inches can be made.

People who own this little fellow will miss few unexpected picture opportunities—because they’ll very likely have it with them. They’ll have it with them because it takes up so little room.

Operation is simple and quick. You just aim it at your scene, without any need at all for fancy tinkering.

La Rose is an old hand at special camera development.

  1. Neil Russell says: December 18, 20078:42 am

    The adorable Diana Lynn, just a few years before she starred in “Bedtime for Bonzo” which was the anti-“Bad Seed”

    I like watching the two pictures back to back, one about environment and one about heredity. Funny that all those eggheads back then couldn’t get their arms around the concept of “a little from column A and a little from column B”

    Ok, neat camera too, but how often do you get to talk about Diana Lynn?

  2. n6 says: March 28, 20085:23 am

    Holy mackarel! What a cutie! No, not the camera, the girl. Would stop traffic today just as in 1947.

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