Cigarette Case Keeps Account of Smokes Given to Friends (Sep, 1940)

Cheap bastard.

Cigarette Case Keeps Account of Smokes Given to Friends
A novel cigarette case keeps tabs on the cigarettes your friends “borrow.” When you want a smoke yourself, press one button to open the case. But when an acquaintance “bums” a cigarette, press a second button. This not only opens the case but operates a counter built into the case.

  1. GreenTeaDrinkingGuy says: March 26, 20082:04 am


  2. Leo says: March 26, 20084:49 am

    But what if you have several friends bumming smokes from you?

  3. Charlie says: March 26, 20089:00 am

    Leo » That was the first thing I thought too.

  4. Leo says: March 26, 20084:22 pm

    Maybe you only have one friend if you are a person feeling the need to keep tabs on things like this?

  5. Ex-Smoker says: December 14, 20082:41 am

    You non-smokers crack me up.
    It lets you know how many cigarettes you have smoked to control your habit.

  6. Zak Lybrand says: February 22, 200911:48 pm

    Please do not ever let the Mafia get a hold of one of these… they’ll break kneecaps to make sure they are reimbursed for their smokes! XD

  7. smoker says: August 7, 201010:29 am

    @ ex-smoker….no it doesnt…thats fucking stupid.

  8. […] 1940, smokers who were sick of loaning out cigarettes could keep track of how many smokes they were using themselves and how many were being “bummed” by friends. Two separate buttons […]

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